I was at a nursery* a couple of days ago and took the opportunity to take shots of these flowers. I wanted to see how well the colours will come out in the photos. I think that in these photos, the colours look deeper than they really are.

If I remember correctly, the sunflowers were actually orange but they look kinda washed out here. Too bad.

The other flower is kind of unique to me. I was told that in Cantonese, it is called “Kai Kung Fah”, which means “Cockerel flower”. It must be because of the shape of the flower which looks like the crown of a rooster.

Talking about flowers, I really wanted to have my own rose garden when I was younger but until today, I never managed to plant even ONE rose bush. Call me lazy or whatever, I think I just want to admire the beautiful flowers without putting in hard work nurturing them daily!

*a place where young plants are propagated for the purpose of transplanting
With love

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