MOFEW Day 1 @ MidValley Megamall, Kuala Lumpur

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Even though MOFEW looked like a flea market, I managed to see what I wanted to see and I would say that even though I haven’t time to follow through on the information that I gathered that day despite being home a week already, it was still quite a fruitful trip.

MOFEW freebies

And guess what? The freebies-loving me totally didn’t expect to receive a goodie bag. We had to register our particulars at the entrance in order to receive it, though. I did and was delighted to see that although most of the items were promotional freebies sponsored by some of the major participants at MOFEW like DiGi and KFC which looked like leftovers from other promotional events, I was still very happy to receive a free watch. Yes, I am a sucker for cheap promotional watches, even plastic ones!

KFC Snax goodie bag

KFC promoted their new Snax website at MOFEW. We had to register there and then and were given a goodie bag too. I have to say that despite being a large advertiser, KFC was pretty cheap. Inside the bag was “only” two sticker sheets, an advertisement promoting their Snax programme, a voucher worth MYR1, an Isotonic can drink (not in picture) and a Clash of the Titans movie premium water tumbler. Oh yes, I should also mention the paper bag that these came in.

blings for sale

I also received a few vouchers for free make-up and manicure sessions courtesy of Snips and 50% discount vouchers on waxing services @ Strip – Ministry of Waxing. Coming from Ipoh, I wonder if I will have the chance to take advantage of these vouchers. I may go to KL off and on but certainly do not have the luxury to beautify myself.

ladies shoes

Having attended MOFEW on Day 1 only, I wonder how successful the event was for the organisers. Will we be seeing another gathering of online entrepreneurs next year?

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With love

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2 thoughts on “MOFEW Day 1 @ MidValley Megamall, Kuala Lumpur

  1. Hi there Emily, I was googling for MOFEW and found your website. I was one of those who had a booth at MOFEW and I am from Ipoh and currently still working in Ipoh. Glad that you took the time to attend MOFEW and hope you enjoyed yourself! If you are looking for handmade accessories and gifts, you are always welcome to our blog. 🙂 Cheers!

  2. Hi Karena,

    Thanks for dropping a note. I visited your blog; am impressed with the creativity of you sisters. Hopefully we can be in touch one day. 🙂 All the best in your entrepreneurship!

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