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Promotional Freebies From Singapore EXPO

I am back home in good ol’ Ipoh so yes, I have failed to update my blog on the road as I had intended. There were so many places to see every day over this past week I just couldn’t set my mind to blogging at the end of the day. Oh well, it’s not a matter of life and death anyway.

So I went to Singapore for three days and on the first day, had the opportunity to visit Singapore EXPO where there were four exhibitions being held concurrently; CommunicAsia 2010, EnterpriseIT 2010, InteractiveDME and BroadcastAsia 2010.

Singapore EXPO
Photo: Olympus PEN E-PL1

Registering for one exhibition meant that we could visit any or all of these exhibitions. It was my first major exhibition and I admit that without connections, I wouldn’t even be able to step foot in there because these exhibitions were only for people in the industry.

Frankly, many of the products exhibited didn’t interest me; like I said, I’m not in the industry, though to be fair, a few items caught my eye, but I still had a good time there picking up freebies as I made my way through all the booths. The photos here show the freebies that I managed to grab which were given away freely in return for a business card. I like the promotional pens, especially the pink and orange ones that blink when the ball at the top is knocked on.

free stuff
Photo: Panasonic Lumix DMC LX-3

Some other freebies, like soft drinks and junk food that were surprisingly given away as promotional goodies in the red 1Malaysia bag, are not shown here because they are already in my tummy. LOL What a dumb idea to give away those and passing them off as promotional items.

Skype also had a booth in one of the exhibitions and they gave away free iPhone covers to Skype users who have installed the Skype app on their iPhones. Unfortunately, I couldn’t get my hands on the free iPhone cover because even though I had the iPhone with me, I uninstalled Skype from my iPhone just before I left for Singapore. Gah! Wasted!!! And the Wireless@SG, well, it’s useless at the Singapore EXPO!

goodie bags from Singapore EXPO
Photo: Panasonic Lumix DMC LX-3

I took the opportunity to shoot lots of photos, particularly of display stands and boards but my friend doesn’t know why I need them and I am too lazy to explain. Heheh…Anyway, the exhibitions held at Singapore EXPO were a huge eye opener for me and I have my friend to thank for allowing me to tag along.

Stay tuned for more holiday photos. Cheers!
With love

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