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Shopping @ Irenelim Fashion

I had the opportunity to shop at Irenelim Fashion over the weekend. Some of you may know that I myself sell clothing online so it was a good experience to be on the other side of a transaction. I must say that buying clothes with the many sizes and variety as wide as what I found on Irenelim Fashion is not easy.

However, Irene, the proprietor, was very helpful in assisting me to choose the right size. She was readily available for me to communicate with via MSN. Still, I have to say that it took me quite awhile to decide on this t-shirt with a mock vest, which is sold at RM20 on Irenelim Fashion.

I must say that the dresses on Irenelim Fashion are really feminine which makes it difficult for me to choose because I am a no-frills person and I would never have the chance to wear something as girly as those apparel carried by Irenelim Fashion.

I do love something frilly like this yellow blouse or the Korean-style dress but there’s no point dressing like this in my home office, right? If I have a Christmas party to attend, I’d definitely find my dress here.

With love

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