My friend took me to The Curve one Sunday purposely to take a look at the “flea market” there. It’s not exactly “flea” market in the true sense of the word but more like a Sunday street fair without the clowns and balloons.

I wanted to go there or any other Sunday “flea” market at major shopping complexes in the capital city not to shop but to look at the wares for sale and the environment. I only had one Sunday in the capital city and my friend suggested The Curve so off we went.

clay craft art

When we were there, I spotted this business that sells clay and also offers clay art courses. They have a shop in the mall proper, I later found out, but I guess they rented a stall at the flea market because it’s Sunday and they expected more shoppers there.

clay fairy

I asked the girl manning the stall if I could take some photos and she didn’t mind. I am very impressed with the handiwork of students as you can see from these photos. They are very detailed and the bowls of food look so real! They look good enough to eat.

clay food

My friends later told me that the flea market in Amcrop Mall is more popular. Duh… must visit the next time I am in KL on a Sunday.
With love

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