Launch of Yasmin Museum Festival

Yasmin Museum Festival
1. actress Sharifah Amani at Yasmin Museum Festival

The love for Yasmin was strong in the hearts of her fans, as could be seen at the launch of Yasmin Museum Festival at Yasmin @ Kong Heng in Ipoh Old Town.

Yasmin Museum Festival
2. Yasmin Ahmad’s immediate family and fans

While the establishment of the museum or gallery was the idea of Yasmin’s mother, Mak Inom, her friends and fans took that plan a step further, not only commemorating her work at the newseum, but also to celebrate her legacy with the two-day festival.

Yasmin Museum Festival
3. Yasmin’s younger sister, Orked, on stage addressing visitors

The team behind Yasmin @ Kong Heng who organised this festival brought together performers, those who knew Yasmin personally, had worked with her, touched by her values, admired her, or simply, just wanted to be part of the celebration.

Yasmin Museum Festival
4. a gleeful Sharifah Amani

Artistes in their own right, they included actress Sharifah Amani, MRGJC Quest magic siblings and Indian percussionist Subain Singam. In the line up were also poetry reading, miming, singing, and a sketch, among others.

Yasmin Museum Festival
5. Mrgjc Quest

But the real guests-of-honour, even though they were the hosts, were of course Yasmin Ahmad’s parents, Mak Inom and Abah, and younger sister, Orked.

Yasmin Museum Festival
6. Subain Singam (L) and his friends performing at the Yasmin Museum Festival

Tomorrow, the Museum Festival continues. Fans will be treated to a series of showings of Yasmin’s films, including the making of Sepet, Gubra, Mukhsin, Muallaf and Talentime.

Yasmin Museum Festival
7. it’s party time

The Yasmin @ Kong Heng museum is open from 10am to 3pm. Admission is RM3 per person. For further information on the museum, read Yasmin at Kong Heng (Ipoh).

Event: Launch of Yasmin Museum Festival
Venue: Yasmin @ Kong Heng, Ipoh
Date: 15th Nov, 2014
Time: from 11am

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