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Announcement: Screening of “Jagat” at Yasmin At Kong Heng

After the screening of “Jagat” in New York, the movie’s next stop will be Ipoh! Watch it together with the film director, producer, composer and star! This special film screening-cum-Q&A session is happening only at Yasmin At Kong Heng.


I don’t claim to know much about the movie prior to learning about this screening but I have done some research since then and I’d like to say that if I were in Ipoh then, I’d definitely catch it. See Wikipedia.


“Jagat” has been nominated under nine categories in the 28th Film Festival of Malaysia (FFM28). The award night will be on 3rd September, 2016 at Plenary Hall, KLCC.

1. Best Film (Non Bahasa Malaysia Category)
2. Best Director (Non Bahasa Malaysia Category)
3. Best Screenplay (Non Bahasa Malaysia Category)
4. Best New Director
5. Best Original Story
6. Best Child Actor
7. Best Art Direction
8. Best Cinematography
9. Best Editing

If you wonder why this particular venue was chosen, it is because the late Yasmin Ahmad liked director Shanjhey Kumar Perumal’s work very much. She was impressed by his work that premiered at Kelab Seni Filem – his documentary shared the limelight with Yasmin’s “Voices At The Bottom Of The Pyramid”.

If you are in town this coming Saturday, do not miss this chance. It is only RM10 per entry.

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