CIMB Door Gift

Wow, it has been more than a week since I updated this blog and I feel really bad. The problem is that I never realize where my time has gone. I know I spend a lot of time playing games on Facebook, and I also spend an equal amount of time caring for Snoopy. Many people have the misconception that I am “just caring for Snoopy”. It’s more than that; so much so that I wouldn’t wish the same situation on even my worst enemy.

Anyway, my mother gave me this door gift from CIMB which she received attending CIMB Islamic Max InvestSave Day a couple of weeks ago. I wanted to write this post earlier when the gift was still fresh but I couldn’t sit long enough at my desk to compose a coherent post! I don’t know what this gift is; it looks like something we hang at the door or something.

And talking about computers, my hard disk has died. Boohoo… I did back up my data but that was months ago and not up to date. I wonder if the files could be salvaged and if not, what files I am missing. Right now, my computer is still in hospital, so I all I can do is wait.
With love

3 thoughts on “CIMB Door Gift

  1. I have no idea yet what is wrong with the hard disk except that I have been told it needs to be replaced. The technician is on leave today so I’ll only have further info tomorrow.

  2. Just yesterday I accidentally knocked off a glass of water over my laptop…:(( I spent the entire night with a hair dryer in my hand drying the parts of the laptop. But I tried it this morning and it works..yeeey! so , hard-disks are not that easy to break, maybe yours was just getting too old or something…

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