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Karnival Ride It Right Ipoh

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Ride It Right Carnival
Karnival Ride It Right

Ride It Right (RIR) is a motorcycling safety campaign with the aim of reducing accidents involving motorcycles. This is a nationwide campaign that kicked off in Esplanade Penang on 11th December, 2010. After making a stop in Kuantan, Pahang in February and Melaka in March, it arrived in Ipoh today. Boy, is this a mega carnival, starting from 8am and wrapping up at midnight.

motorbike convoy
motorcycle convoy of over 1000 bikes

Many activities have been lined up, from mini race, vintage bike competition, motorcycle convoy, motorcycle stunt show and competition, safety ride demonstration, slow bike racing, futsal, telematch, karaoke, tug of war and coconut bowling, just to name a few. Motorbike owners can also take advantage of free servicing of their bikes by Pennzoil today at this Carnival.

pocket bikes
pocket bikes on display

Tonight, there will be concert featuring artistes like Kumpulan Kristal, Khalifah, Def Gab C, FTG, Rini AF and Mie Raja Lawak. Do you know that Ride It Right has a theme song too? It’s called “Tunggang… Jangan Tunggang Langgang” by 30 Cents. It was launched on 17th March, 2011 at Hard Rock Cafe Kuala Lumpur. I believe this song will be performed tonight.

red buggy
decorated buggy

Besides these, a lucky draw will be held where the grand prize is, what else, but a motorbike!

Agusta Superbike


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