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Mini Asia Fair [Thai Bazaar]

Mini Asia Fair Ipoh Parade
Mini Asia Fair

Mini Asia Fair is actually a Thai bazaar that has been making the rounds at shopping complexes in Ipoh for the past few years. I understand the bazaar also goes to other states in Peninsular Malaysia as well. Mini Asia Fair is almost like a permanent fixture in Ipoh Parade now, so much so that the organizers no longer bother to state when they are here and when they are leaving.


If you’ve been to one Thai bazaar in Malaysia, you’ve been to all of them. You can find, as usual, clothes and shoes, bags and handbags, ornaments, key-chains and household decorative items.

household decorations

There’s also a Thai food corner, serving authentic Thai food like Thai Tomyum Kung, Somtam (Papaya pok pok), Khanon Jeen, Kao pad and the ever popular Thai mango sticky rice. I didn’t take any photos because people were dining. Prices are obviously higher than local bazaars in Thailand but it’s OK since we’re not buying in bulk.

couple t-shirts
My LOVE couple t-shirts

Check out my photos taken at this Mini Asia Fair in Ipoh Parade, Ipoh, recently.

ladies’ clothes
ladies’ apparel

ladies’ shoes
ladies’ shoes

soft toy keychains

Mini Asia Fair
Venue: Lot S22, 2nd Floor, Ipoh Parade, Ipoh

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  1. Hi , im anderlyn from ken-link company .

    would u have interesting in penang area for thai fair ?

  2. Hi morning greetings

    I’m a mall manager cheras. Are u interested to do thai bazaar fair in tesco Extra cheras. We have very huge car park or indoor.

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