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Jaya Grocer, Ipoh

Jaya Grocer Ipoh Parade Mall
1. Jaya Grocer in Ipoh Parade

After waiting for umpteen years for a supermarket to open at Ipoh Parade, Ipoh folk are very happy to welcome Jaya Grocer.

Jaya Grocer Ipoh Parade Mall
2. one section of Jaya Grocer, Ipoh

Yes, not just any hypermarket but a supermarket that carries a wider range of imported foodstuff and groceries, for those who can afford them.

Jaya Grocer Ipoh Parade Mall
3. organic beans from a small section of the huge organic corner

If you are not aware of the brand name yet, Jaya Grocer was established in December 2007 with the primary objective to offer shoppers in the Klang Valley with quality household food products and daily needs.

Jaya Grocer Ipoh Parade Mall
4. fresh vegetables for sale

Opened on January 30, 2016, at the basement level of Ipoh Parade, I too was one of the early shoppers to check out the bright and spacious new supermarket.

Jaya Grocer Ipoh Parade Mall
5. take them home!

The good news is that Fresco Grocerant is also here.

Jaya Grocer Ipoh Parade Mall
6. Fresco Grocerant by Jaya Grocer

This is Jaya Grocer’s very own concept of grocer+restaurant which allows shoppers to purchase a selection of meat or seafood (identified with a “cooks for you” green sticker) and have it prepared at the grocerant at no additional cost.

Jaya Grocer Ipoh Parade Mall
7. seafood section

Customers have to place an order of at least one side dish with the main meal, though. Still, I think it’s worth it!

Jaya Grocer Ipoh Parade Mall
8. Fresco Grocerant dining area

Another tenant opened alongside Jaya Grocer at the basement level of Ipoh Parade is Hank’s Fine Foods, a brand of Jaya Grocer, which carries premium meat products, mostly imported from continental Europe and Australia.

Jaya Grocer Ipoh Parade Mall
9. Hank's Fine Foods

Ace Hardware, a world’s leading hardware retailer from the United States of America founded in the 1920s, also has a new outlet here.

Jaya Grocer Ipoh Parade Mall
10. the leading American hardware retailer, Ace Hardware

Jaya Grocer Ipoh
Add: Lot B01A, Basement 1, Ipoh Parade, 105, Jalan Sultan Abdul Jalil, Greentown, 30450 Ipoh, Perak.
Tel: 05-242 0537
Business hours: 10am – 10pm

Jaya Grocer Ipoh Parade Mall
11. foyer at the basement

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11 thoughts on “Jaya Grocer, Ipoh

  1. Yay! Its good to know that Ipoh is growing really well. Jaya Grocer is a really nice place to buy groceries

  2. Jaya grocer mostly sell product import from other country and I sometime will purchase from there

  3. I can see everything is very beautifully arranged and very appealing. But your dining chairs, the low ones are not safe. A young mother carrying a baby sat and the front leg broke and they both fell. Do please look into a serious thing this.
    Did your staff report this to the management. You would be sued left and right in the USA for your careless management, not caring enough.
    My friend fell in Tesco Wan Utama, and the Manager on duty came in less than 5 minutes to settle the accident and sent her to a clinic to be treated by a private doctor.
    Please look into the safety aspect of customers too. Your black dining chairs are not safe.

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