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Ipoh International Waiters’ Race 2013

Ipoh International Waiters Race
newly-appointed State Executive Councillor for Health, Tourism & Culture, Puan Nolee Ashilin Dato' Mohammed Radzi (in blue), flags off the race

The first ever waiters’ race to be held in Perak was an interesting event looked forward to, not only by people in the hospitality industry, but also the general public.

Ipoh International Waiters Race
and off they go

Ipoh International Waiters Race
still going strong under the hot sun

This international event attracted the participation of those from outside of Perak; and overseas, including countries like Indonesia, China and Japan.

Ipoh International Waiters Race
supporters cheering for their favourite contestants

Ipoh International Waiters Race
group photo of one of the school brass bands

Ipoh’s first international waiters’ race, held in conjunction with the city’s 25th anniversary city day, was organised by the Perak Tourism Association (PTA) and Malaysian Association of Hotels (MAH) Perak Chapter.

Ipoh International Waiters Race
mural painting competition

Ipoh International Waiters Race
one of the ways to set up a table for formal dining

Opened to everyone, there were three categories: Classic Tray, Sportive Tray and Fun Tray. Participants had to brisk walk while holding a tray on one hand, with a bottle of mineral water and two water-filled goblets.

Ipoh International Waiters Race
a swan couple on display at the booth of Guangxi Wharton International Hotel

Ipoh International Waiters Race
Healy Mac’s manager Jerry Galvin seems pleased with the entries to the mocktail competition

There were many rules to be adhered to, or one could easily get disqualified. Most importantly, they must try their best not to spill water, as that would cost a time penalty.

Ipoh International Waiters Race
ice carving demonstration

Ipoh International Waiters Race
another piece of ice sculpture in progress

The Waiters’ Race has a long tradition. Originated in France, it was first created to improve the recognition of the waiter profession in Paris. Today, the waiters’ race has been organised in more than 50 countries, including Malaysia.

Ipoh International Waiters Race
a chef poses with a completed gold fish ice sculpture

Ipoh International Waiters Race
Impiana Hotel Ipoh’s Faiz Husaini concentrates on his fruit carving. He won 7th place in the competition.

During the hospitality extravaganza, other supporting activities included school brass band performance, flower arrangement, ice carving demonstration, table setting demonstration, mocktail competition and fruit carving competition. Supporting hotels also set up booths for food promotion.

Ipoh International Waiters Race
6th place from Kinta Riverfront Hotel, Ipoh

Ipoh International Waiters Race
joint 4th & 5th place from Symphony Suites, Ipoh

Activities organised especially for school children were explore race and mural painting competition. These involved some two hundred students from Ipoh.

Ipoh International Waiters Race
3rd place from a hotel in Johor

Ipoh International Waiters Race
2nd place from Orient Star Lumut

Check out my photos to see some of the activities that transpired during Ipoh International Waiters’ Race. Let’s hope this is an annual event. Am looking forward to the next one already.

Ipoh International Waiters Race
1st place in the fruit carving competition: Zuo Ming, Head Chef (Chinese Cooking) of Guangxi Wharton International Hotel, Nanning City, China

Event: Ipoh International Waiters’ Race 2013
Venue: Taman DR Seenivasagam
Date: 29th June, 2013
Time: 9am – 4pm

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4 thoughts on “Ipoh International Waiters’ Race 2013

  1. The waiters’ race is held annually overseas and the winners are much sought after by leading hotels.

  2. Thanks for the coverage Emily.
    If there is another Waiters’ Race next year, I’m interest in contributing by organising an event for kids, or even adults. Example a cupcake decorating contest. Let me know if you could refer me to the organising people.
    Thank you!

  3. Hi Nurainie,

    Let me ask the organising committee first if they plan to hold a race next year. It’s still early days.

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