Fortune Guide: Feng Shui & Wealth 2021

Welcome to the Year of the Metal Ox, Master Desmond Ng will offer you an alternative look at what’s in store to help the luck flow in your direction in 2021. Incorporating the ancient art of Feng Shui and financial health, CGS-CIMB Securities presents the best of eastern heritage to offer some possible solutions to these common stressors through this [Fortune Guide: Fengshui & Wealth 2021] talk.

In 2021 equities in emerging markets lagged behind the U.S. markets. In view of this, there is likely to be more upside for these markets compared to the U.S. markets, which are near record high. How are we going to potentially profit from emerging markets this year? Which sectors should we focus on?

Also, based on the policies under President Joe Biden, what are the sectors in the U.S. markets that still contain relatively more upside than the traditional tech stocks (e.g. FAANG). Mr Clarence Chee from T3B Asia Pte Ltd will be sharing the necessary pointers in preparation for the coming Year of the Ox, where the markets are expected to continue to be bullish.

The fourth edition of CGS-CIMB Securities’ “Feng Shui & Wealth” will feature leading speakers on topics that encompass the path to holistic health. Fengshui Master Desmond Ng along with Stock Trading Coach Clarence Chee will discuss the current insights in their related fields.

Learn all about:
• The benefits of Feng Shui to potentially optimise fortune
• The current market outlook and which sectors to focus on in 2021

Date & time:
3rd Feb, 2021 @ 19:00 – 21:00 (+08 UTC)

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