Dying Art Of Wood Engraving

I went to Ipoh Old Town, Lorong Bijeh Timah (formerly Kenion Street), some time ago and came across this elderly man busy engraving a sign board.

wood engraving

This is definitely a dying art as admitted by him, as no one is willing to take on this laborious task, when this could be done in an easier way, by using machine to carve the wooden board or better still, by using stickers.

wood engraving

Although we can see that he was carving Chinese characters, interestingly, he doesn’t read Mandarin. What he would do is to trace the characters on the board as if he was drawing. He said that he is lowly educated, otherwise he wouldn’t be doing this job!

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3 thoughts on “Dying Art Of Wood Engraving

  1. Hello, that’s a very interesting article!
    I was if it’s possible to get the contact details of the carver? I would like to make a video of him.

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