Damansara Village @ Lost World Ipoh (DV@LW)

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live fresh seafood steamboat
Damansara Village Seafood Steamboat Restaurant @ Lost World of Tambun

The popular Damansara Village’s live, fresh seafood steamboat restaurant is now in Lost World of Tambun! Organised by World Trend Corproate Sdn. Bhd., local media representatives and selected bloggers were invited to dinner last evening, to experience for themselves what sets this steamboat restaurant apart from others.

live fresh seafood steamboat
Patrick Teoh, Malaysian radio legend, man with the “golden” voice, is one of the owners of Damansara Village seafood steamboat restaurant at Lost World of Tambun

live fresh seafood steamboat
Jack Lim a.k.a. Ah Beng, also one of the partners of this restaurant

Situated in the parking area of the Lost World of Tambun theme park, Damansara Village is not difficult to locate. Entrance to the parking ground is RM1 per entry, to be paid only upon exit.

live fresh seafood steamboat
the business partners (L-R): Jack Lim, Allan Phoon, Patrick Teoh, Henry Lim & Jason Yap

live fresh seafood steamboat
this is not your typical steamboat

Last evening, all the partners of this restaurant, known as Damansara Village @ Lost World Ipoh or in short, DV@LW, were in attendance. They included two hometown boys, “The Voice” Patrick Teoh and Jack Lim, a.k.a. Ah Beng; “Father of Petting Zoo” the owner of “Farm In The City” Allan Phoon, and his dad, the “Father of Ostrich” Mr. Phoon. OK, this is getting a little confusing…

live fresh seafood steamboat
fried prawn wantan

live fresh seafood steamboat
red snapper

I asked Patrick about his feelings on coming back to his hometown, and bringing to us this restaurant, his first business venture in Ipoh. He said that Ipoh has always been close to his heart and he feels very happy seeing guests enjoy their meal at his restaurant.

live fresh seafood steamboat

live fresh seafood steamboat

Damansara Village @ Lost World Ipoh (DV@LW) is nestled against a 400-million-year-old lush forest. Besides this unique setting, the restaurant offers its signature stock known as “Drunken Herbal Pot” which contains a blend of herbs and spices. This secret recipe took the partners three months to concoct, some seven years ago, before the first Damansara Village restaurant in Damansara Jaya, Petaling Jaya, opened its doors.

live fresh seafood steamboat
bamboo clams


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8 thoughts on “Damansara Village @ Lost World Ipoh (DV@LW)

  1. Parking is free for diners at Damansara Village@Lost World. Just ask for your parking coupon.

  2. I can’t make the call for yours due to the line is break down. I would like to reserve 14 person table for dinner tonight 16/06/2013 at 6.30pm. Please inform me via email as much earlier you can. Thank you very much!

  3. Hi,

    I have already forwarded your request to the restaurant manager, Henry, who will contact you directly.

    You can also get in touch with the restaurant at 012-3180145 (Pheona).

  4. 1yr+ no comments to Patrick Teoh and Lam Tack Weng restaurant. Haha!!! I am staying in Lost World Hotel, so tnite the family with my twins will go try it out. Walk across the road only.

    Perak exported to Penang fella trying seafood steamboat in Ipoh!!! See what my wife’s tastebuds says.

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