Domino’s Pizza’s Newest Addition To Ssamjeang Pizza Range

Hot on the trail of its popular Ssamjeang Pizza range, Domino’s Pizza has introduced a fresh new addition – let’s all say ‘Hello’ to Ssamjeang Prawn pizza! Ssamjeang Prawn joins older siblings: Ssamjeang Tuna, Chicken and Beef.

For this fourth variant; springy, succulent prawns are marinated with Italian herbs as well as spices, combined with nutritious seaweed, fresh cherry tomatoes, green peppers, and sprinkled with roasted sesame seeds, atop Domino’s Pizza’s specially developed spicy sensation of Ssamjeang sauce.

Shamsul Amree, Senior General Manager (Operations), Domino’s Pizza Malaysia and Singapore said, “We created Ssamjeang Prawn upon receiving tremendous love and support for our Ssamjeang Pizza range from our customers, as well as Korean fans.

“We believe that Ssamjeang Prawn further enhances the flavour profile of the Ssamjeang sauce, with its delicious combination of multiple flavours and textures in a single pizza.”

Domino’s Pizza’s Ssamjeang Pizza range has been inspired by Malaysians’ craze for all things Korean, especially its food. These Ssamjeang pizzas deliver an ideal mix of savoury, sweet and spicy flavours, that Malaysians enjoy.

If you have read my post Annyeong Haseyo Domino’s Pizza Samyeang Superstars!, you would know that the Ssamjeang sauce is the same one that coats the Ayam-haseyo Chicken Wings, a side of chicken wings baked to perfection.


The all-new Ssamjeang Prawn is available at all Domino’s Pizza stores for a limited time only, until 1st July, 2018, while stocks last.

During this Hari Raya season, we can enjoy Ssamjeang Prawn with the two combo deals of either Ssamjeang Buddy Combo or Ssamjeang Super Combo.

The Ssamjeang Buddy Combo includes one Regular Ssamjeang pizza, one Ayam-Haseyo, one Garlic Twisty Bread and two cans of soft drinks, at RM37.65 (at 0% GST).

As for Ssamjeang Super Combo, it comprises two Regular Pizzas, one Ayam-Haseyo, one Cheesy Mozzarella/Cheddar Stix and a bottle of 1.5L soft drink. This is RM56.51 (GST zero-rated price).

Dine in at any Domino’s Pizza restaurant nearby, order online or call its hotline at 1-300-888-333.

For more information on Domino’s Pizza’s Ssamjeang Prawn Pizza or other on-going promotions, log on to its website.

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4 thoughts on “Domino’s Pizza’s Newest Addition To Ssamjeang Pizza Range

  1. sedap nampaknya dominos pizza baru ni. bonda pasti tidak akan ketinggalan untuk merasainya. menu baru ini kelihatan sungguh mengujakan..pasti anak bujang bonda suka..

  2. Omg prawn pizza is definitely my favorite to order! Never bored of pizza with prawn plus Korean sauce taste will be really delicious too!

  3. Am a pizza lover here! And im esy to get lured with it, plus wine to pair 🙂

  4. Im a pizza lover too. And this domino Combo pizza with prawn is definately delicious.

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