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De Garden Longest Hugging Competition

longest hugging competition
at the start of De Garden’s longest hugging competition

The first-in-Perak, maybe even Malaysia, longest hugging competition, was successfully organised by De Garden in conjunction with Valentine’s Day. This unique activity attracted the participation of ten couples, mainly from Ipoh. H23 Event Management was the event partner.

longest hugging competition
ten couples participated

From the time it started at 12 noon, artistes from Music King entertained the crowd, which consisted not only of the participants, but also their families and friends! All were eager to get their hands on a slice of the RM888 cash prize! Ninja Jones Japanese Restaurant also threw in a free couple dinner for the winning pair to celebrate Valentine’s Day.

longest hugging competition
Joanne (L) & Wye Lun (R)

When I first heard of this longest hugging competition last month, I thought it would not be a difficult challenge, even though there would not be any rest time or toilet break. However, De Garden management, who came up with this competition, didn’t make things easy. There were two knock-out rounds that eliminated couples quickly!

longest hugging competition
Sam (L) & Jason (R)

While at first, couples just had to hug with both arms around each other, they then had to proceed to hug each other standing on one leg each only. That surely threw some couples off balance – and oops, out of the designated 2′ X 2′ area.

longest hugging competition
Grace (L) & Kah Weng (R)

Those who survived then had to lift their lady partner off their feet. It was tough, especially after a long afternoon. Some six hours after the start of the contest, De Garden finally found the winning pair! They are Seng and Qian!

longest hugging competition
Chong (L) & Chen (R)

Seng, 28, and Qian, 24, who have dated for three years, were staunchly supported by their families. To prepare for this competition, they dropped by De Garden the day before to check out the environment and to have a feel of the competition. They even wore couple shirts, because it’s Valentine’s Day.

longest hugging competition
Qian (L) & Seng (R)

During a short chat with this lovely couple, they said they would treat themselves to a karaoke session should they win. They were full of confidence of their chances, and win they did! Congratulations!

Event: De Garden Longest Hugging Competition
Venue: De Garden, Ipoh
Date: 14th Feb, 2013
Time: 12noon

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