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Cheapest Prepaid Mobile Plan

I’ve been looking for the cheapest prepaid mobile plan in Malaysia for the longest time now. The economy’s leaner and I am cutting costs. Actually, I have been searching even before the downturn because I am paying for stuff that I am not using with my Celcom C250 postpaid plan.

At first I thought of switching to U Mobile 018. I went to their newly opened office in Ipoh Parade back in August of last year even before Mobile Number Portability (MNP) was available in Malaysia but until now, I am not so sure if I should go with them. I don’t want to experience what Happy 014 users are experiencing. They were Happy with the low rates at first, but not lately. I couldn’t afford the time to keep porting. SIGH.

The young lady who worked in this office in August 2008, when U Mobile 018 first came to Ipoh, told me that they adopt an open concept where staff is supposed to treat customers like friends and really, she was telling me about her personal stuff and background, which frankly, I am not interested to know. I was there for more information on 018 and if they could let me know what I want to know about 018 and anything related to their services, I would be more than happy already. I didn’t like it that she kept implying that I mixed up U Mobile 018 with Orange. Dang… I did my homework already before stepping into her office!

If you have suggestions on cheap but reliable prepaid mobile plans in Malaysia, please drop me a comment. Thanks!With love

3 thoughts on “Cheapest Prepaid Mobile Plan

  1. im using DIGI prepaid bcos most of my family are using it and the sms to family & friends in ur list (which u can have 10 ppl) is only 1 sen and call to the top 10 list, will be RM0.15. Maxis prepaid is almost the same so it depends on what ur family or close friends using.

    However for DIGI, they have reload bonus and birthday bonus, which they will revert back a certain percentage of your total reload wthin 3 months. and I also got 50% more on whatever amount i reload during my birthday (before & after 3 days of my birthday), which is good.

    Im not sure maxis offer the similar privileages to the users but i so far happy with Digi. They seems more friendly.

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