Baduka Custom: Custom Design & Spray Painting

Melaka trishaw ride
Baduka Custom

Baduka is actually a multi-talented man who is a family member of the company that owns and manages the restaurant that sells Nasi Ayam Pacak. I got to chat with him during my meal at his restaurant while in Melaka.

Melaka trishaw ride
back view

During our visit, he took the opportunity to promote his business, which is custom spray painting of vehicles, from motorcycles, cars and even to aeroplanes. Baduka does the designing himself for his clients, if they do not come with their own designs.

Melaka trishaw ride

I believe there are companies that do the same here in Ipoh but so far, I have yet to come across any.

Melaka trishaw ride
side view

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  1. Baduka is indeed a talented and creative artiste whom we don’t often come across.

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