Art Walk Little India, Singapore

Little India in Singapore in the morning and at night are two entirely different worlds. At night, you do wonder if you really are in India, with the number of migrant workers milling around.

When I was visiting, the artworks at Little India are still so new, surveys were being taken from the general public.

In my opinion, whatever public art done here is wasted as most people here do not know how to appreciate them, or are too busy carrying on with their lives to notice.

Little India Singapore public art
1. buffalo wall mural at Little India MRT Exit E

But for art lovers, if you are planning to check them out, take a ride on the MRT to Little India Station on the North East Line (NE7 – purple) and take Exit E.

Greeting you at the top of Exit E is the colourful buffalo wall mural, an appropriate piece of art for the junction of the street named Buffalo Road.

Little India Singapore public art
2. video installation along Buffalo Road

Continue walking left from Exit E and you will see the video installations on the side walls of the blocks of shophouses adjacent to each other.

Little India Singapore public art
3. video installation along Buffalo Road

As these videos are projected onto the walls, it is the reason you can only see them at night.

Little India Singapore public art
4. sculpture installation along Belilios Lane

Nearby, along Belilios Lane is a sculpture installation. If it didn’t seem to carry a special message to me, imagine how the migrant workers knew how to appreciate it.

I believe that over time, more artworks will be installed in Little India, so these is just the beginning.

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