I am in the process of cleaning up my mobile phone by deleting old text messages and backing up images that I captured, mostly of my dogs, Snoopy and Dino, over the past few years.

Reading my old text messages, a lot of them were sent and received when I was caring for Snoopy when he was bedridden brought back a lot of pain. My friend told me to delete everything with just a click but I just had to torture myself by going through each message.

biker dog

motor dog

Here is a photo of a dog that I took 2.5 years ago that I chanced upon in front of a pet shop in Ipoh when Dino was still alive. I frequented this pet shop for Dino’s feed. Snoopy was on a different diet.

Looking at this photo amuses me. I still do love dogs but can’t help but remember all the bad experiences that I had with my dogs. I try to only keep the good times in my memory but it doesn’t always work.
With love

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