Announcement: 3-Day Songkran Water Festival in Ipoh

It’s the New Year in Thailand today and it is a three-day celebration until 15th April. Called Songkran, the word actually means ‘transformation’ or ‘change’. Sawadee pee mai ka!

I have planned to celebrate Songkran (Water Festival) in Thailand for the past few years but somehow, around this time of the year, something or other crops up which forces me to stay put. Thus, my Songkran plans have to be shelved for yet another year.


Anyway, I just received excellent news that Songkran will also be observed in a major way in my own backyard, Ipoh. Yay!

For three days, from 21st to 23rd April, Baiyunsi Thai Temple will host the annual Songkran Water Festival.

The event aims to create an opportunity for participants to forge closer ties with those from neighbouring countries such as Thailand, Vietnam, Cambodia, Myanmar, etc.

Religious masters from Thailand will be present at the event to bless devotees. For further information, contact the person in charge (Mr. Danny Lee) at 019-5691040 or log on to the temple’s Facebook Page:

*All are welcome. For non-Muslims only.

Event: Songkran Water Festival
Venue: Ipoh Bai Yun Si (near Iskandar Polo Club Ipoh)
Date: 21st – 23rd April, 2017
Time: 10am – 5pm

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13 thoughts on “Announcement: 3-Day Songkran Water Festival in Ipoh

  1. I find it interesting that New Year is celebrated in April. But when you mentioned “water festival,” it actually makes sense since it’s spring time here. Cool!

  2. Can celebrate Songkran Water Festival at Ipoh, Malaysia. It’s near and fun, no need to purposely travel to Thailand.

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