2012 PIBG SK Tasik Damai Open Chess Tournament

Open Chess Tournament
some of the players

The recent PIBG SK Tasik Damai Open Chess Tournament received overwhelming response from participants, so much so that the organisers, the school’s Parent-Teacher Association, in collaboration with Classical Chess, had to increase the number of prizes presented. Besides this tournament being held on a public holiday, I think the main reason it received such strong support was the fact that this was a national-rated chess tournament. This means that points are awarded to players, which would enhance their national standing.

Open Chess Tournament
Shreyes Subramaniam - Open Champion

There were three categories, Open, Under-18 and Under-12, and for a change, top three winners of both Under-18 and Under-12 categories also received cash prizes. Similar prizes were also awarded to the best female player in each of these categories as well as the best, youngest participant. Oh yes, besides cash and trophies to winners, all participants received certificates of participation.

Open Chess Tournament
Sarika Subramaniam - Best Female Player

Honour roll….

Open Champion: Shreyes Subramaniam
Under-18 Champion: Fauzan Mohd Sofi
Under-12 Champion: Jagathees Guna Balan
Best Female Player: Sarika Subramaniam

Open Chess Tournament
Under-12 Champion Jagathees Guna Balan & Under-18 Champion Fauzan Mohd Sofi

Event: 2012 PIBG-SK Tasik Damai Open Chess Tournament
Venue: SK Tasik Damai, Ipoh
Date: 1st May, 2012
Time: 8am

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  1. thinking back the child moment, missing it,, a very healthy game and it building a smart thinking

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