Iskandar Merdeka League Tournament 2012

Merdeka League Polo Tournament

The Merdeka League Tournament, a Division C polo tournament, was hosted in Ipoh at the Iskandar Polo Club, in Ampang Baru recently. The League is made up of three tournaments, and this was the second of the three. The first one was hosted by the Royal Selangor Polo Club earlier in the year, while the third one will be at Bukit Kiara Polo Club in due time.

Merdeka League Polo Tournament

The annual Merdeka League Tournament, the lowest level of leagues in Malaysia, was first introduced in 2005. It was held with the objective of encouraging the development of polo in the country to achieve international standards. Eight teams participated in Iskandar Merdeka League Tournament 2012, bringing to Ipoh a total of 180 horses, 50 players and support staff from polo clubs all over Peninsular Malaysia.

Merdeka League Polo Tournament

I busy-bodied myself to the first game between Kiara Polo (in white) and Royal Calvary (in navy blue) on the first day of the tournament but before I could take more photos, heavy downpour completely washed out the game! How disappointing, even though I may not understand polo at all!

Merdeka League Polo Tournament

Do you think another league tournament will be held here in Ipoh soon? How about one of Division B or even A? Anyway, full results of the Iskandar Merdeka League Tournament 2012 are at the official website of Royal Malaysian Polo Association.

Merdeka League Polo Tournament

Event: Iskandar Merdeka League Tournament 2012
Venue: Iskandar Polo Club, Ampang Baru, Ipoh, Perak
Date: 21st – 31st March, 2012
Time: 3pm – 7pm

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