white Honda Freed 2010 model

I received a flyer in my mail box this morning on a “special announcement” that the 2010 model Honda Freed has arrived in Malaysia and it is now available for viewing and test driving at the Honda showroom in Ipoh. Being the busybody blogger that I am, I just had to go.

new Honda Freed in Malaysia

By the time I could go, it was already night. I still made my way there and managed to get some photos, though I couldn’t “view” and neither could I test drive it. I would probably crash it, anyway, so it was no big loss.

new Honda MPV

When I was busy snapping photos (it was so dark, it was tricky) one guy came over and our conversation went like this:

Man: Why?
Me: Nothing.

Me: This car, is it new? It’s very nice.
Man: You can’t come in.
Me: Is it? I’m leaving now.

Honda Freed MPV

In short, he chased me away. I think he just lost a customer. Not that I could afford the MYR112,980 price tag of the Honda Freed, anyway! LOL

2010 Honda Freed

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With love

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