2010 Model Honda Freed (MPV) In Ipoh, Perak, Malaysia

white Honda Freed 2010 model

I received a flyer in my mail box this morning on a “special announcement” that the 2010 model Honda Freed has arrived in Malaysia and it is now available for viewing and test driving at the Honda showroom in Ipoh. Being the busybody blogger that I am, I just had to go.

new Honda Freed in Malaysia

By the time I could go, it was already night. I still made my way there and managed to get some photos, though I couldn’t “view” and neither could I test drive it. I would probably crash it, anyway, so it was no big loss.

new Honda MPV

When I was busy snapping photos (it was so dark, it was tricky) one guy came over and our conversation went like this:

Man: Why?
Me: Nothing.

Me: This car, is it new? It’s very nice.
Man: You can’t come in.
Me: Is it? I’m leaving now.

Honda Freed MPV

In short, he chased me away. I think he just lost a customer. Not that I could afford the MYR112,980 price tag of the Honda Freed, anyway! LOL

2010 Honda Freed

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3 thoughts on “2010 Model Honda Freed (MPV) In Ipoh, Perak, Malaysia

  1. Emily,thank you very much for your previously post on “DEHOTEL” ,the new Ipoh hotel.I am originally from Ipoh and have been living in Sydney,Australia since 1958.It’s a great pleasure to read about my old hometown and your travel around Malaysia and Singapore.I am bringing my Australian family to visit Malaysia/Singapore and especially Ipoh for next year CNY in February 2011.I have already email enquiry to “Dehotel” and had mentioned your post and have ask permission on your behalf to review their room’s features and facilities so you can post it in “EMILY2U” post. So far they have not reply to my email enquiry yet. On the topic of why you are always been “kick off ” by those in charge, allow me to give you a few good tips.I am in the retail sale field for for than 40 years and salespeople earn commission when they made sales.When that salesman asked you why you were taking photos of the Honda car,you should say “I have been sent my my parent to check out this new Honda as they are thinking of buying one for their business.They cannot come as they are both working at the moment.The salesman would see $$$ commission in his mind and would treat you with great respect. You must act with much confidence and dress for success.Always carry a gold colour Parker Pen and a nice note book to take down details.Ask the salesman for specifications of the car and would there be a discount if your parent pay in cash? Ask for his business card and give your name(no address) and mobile number with one number wrong so he can’t pester you later.Salespeople always prejudge you,because you are young and don’t have that much “Mula” to spend, they would give you the “flick”. Have 1000 of your “EMILY2U” business card printed and start to promote your business as a event and travel blogger and ask your readers like myself in oversea countries to help spread the words.You are doing a terrific job and keep up the good work.In your blog ask your readers from overseas to drop u a line just to say hello and u will find out how many readers from oversea are reading “FROM EMILY TO YOU” Ask permission from all the Malaysian and Singapore food bloggers to link your site to theirs and also ask “Malaysia Asia” to link your site to theirs as well. Good luck and cheers from the LAND DOWNUNDER.

  2. Hi Steve!

    Thank you very much for your long and useful comment, especially on how to promote my blog.

    I hope that De Hotel will reply you and that their email address is not just “for show” like so many other businesses. I doubt that they will allow me to review their rooms and facilities because Malaysian businesses are not as open. I appreciate your effort, though, and I am keeping my fingers crossed.

    Have you checked out the other “new” hotel in Ipoh by the name of Tower Regency? I don’t have much information right now but if not mistaken, rooms should more expensive than De Hotel.

    If I remember correctly, this Honda guy was the second person to “chase” me away; I don’t remember who was the first person. I don’t keep these things to heart but I will bear in mind your tips and hopefully, I will be more successful the next time! I don’t blame him though as the office was already closed.

    By the way, I hope you will have a great holiday back home next year!

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