What Can I Buy With US$25?

Well, I’m on the market for a laptop backpack. I am sure I mentioned it somewhere and buying online, because I can’t find one that meets my high standards locally hehehe. It will not be cheap. International shipping and handling would have cost over US$25. So, I’d love some sponsorship!

Tha Guru is giving away US$25 cash, which is just what I would like to win, It would go towards my laptop backpack kitty, if I am lucky enough to win the sole prize. Lucky or not, I am trying!

Apparently, this contest started on 23rd March, 2008 already and how come nobody told me about it? When it started is not important, though. What’s important is that it has not expired yet! If you would like a shot at US$25 cash, do check out Tha Guru’s contest post to see what you have to do!
With love

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