Wall Envy: Solutions for Blank Walls

When it comes to home décor, wall décor can sometimes be difficult to get right. All new homes come with blank white walls, whether it’s an apartment in Serangoon or a condominium in the city centre.

A blank wall basically means you can put almost anything on it. Occasionally, too many choices can end up crippling you. However, learn to have a positive outlook on the wall decorating process!

Blank walls signify a fresh slate and are filled with possibilities. Whether you are an art collector, a natural enthusiast, or a book lover, your walls can be easily customised to be a reflection of you.

Read on for some tips on how to create wall envy to appropriately surround your space with things you adore.

wall décor
wall décor

Add greenery
If you have large expanses of blank walls, why not incorporate some interest to the wall area by adding some greenery? Add a tall potted plant to bring in some visual depth to complement your other wall hangings. Position your favourite type of greenery directly in front of a large-scale wall hanging to create a greater impact.

Consider a cabinet
Artwork isn’t the only way to fill out extensive walls. You can also opt for a large cabinet that can be furnished with décor pieces that otherwise couldn’t be hung on the walls. For example, you can top the breakfront with Spanish terracotta pots to add even more visual interest.

Complementary artworks
A symphony of corresponding artworks can be just the thing you need to bring all your décor elements together. You can consider hanging artworks with similar themes on your walls and tie them in with sculptures and other art that flows in a corresponding vein.

Add texture
Colour is not the only way to liven up your walls, believe it or not. Once in a while, a sculptural or architectural wall hanging with texture can also do the trick. For example, textiles or 3D artworks can easily harmonise with a smooth backdrop to bring in depth of field in your space. You can go further by painting the background walls a shade that closely matches the art piece.

Frame your art in gold
Don’t worry if your artwork doesn’t match! You can also mix and match your favourite pieces from your art collection regardless of the style or era of the piece. Tie them in together by displaying them in similar gilded frames. This can add a decidedly old-world stately home feel to your space. Balance the gilded frames out with a feminine giltwood settee.

Use a picture ledge
A modern take on the gallery wall is the picture ledge. It is a simple (and also inexpensive) way to display your artwork. If you have a long corridor with expansive walls, a single ledge that runs the whole length of the corridor can be a beautiful way to display pieces from your collection. On the other hand, if you have more height to cover, you can add multiple ledges to group your artwork. It doesn’t matter if you opt for single or multiple ledges, they can be the perfect solution for a blank space.

Hang art from a rail system
If you’re the finicky type, why not invest in a flexible rail system for your artwork? Install metal rails at the uppermost part of your walls and hang your artwork with chains of varying lengths to get them at the perfect level. You can even hang multiple artworks from the same chains. This works very well if you have a narrower space, such as a narrow wall niche, where a rail system will liven up the narrow recess by allowing you to hang a troika (or more) of artwork.

Use a mirror, catch the light
If you have in your possession an antique mirror, why not turn it into the focal point of your space? Hang it over a central location (like above a mantle) to catch the light in order to expand and illuminate your space.

Cover every square inch in art
Some say to hold back, while others say to go all the way. If you are from the second group, consider covering all of your walls in artwork. Start by dividing your walls into sections and then incorporate a group (or small collage) of art. You can even zest this up by adding more décor items such as mirrors. Vary the size of the paintings in each collage to get the maximum effect.

Try a statement mantle
If you’re more of an architecture-admirer, why not add a statement mantle to your space? Dress up the wall in your sitting room with an opulent mantle, which can be a piece of art in its own right. You can get one fitted in, or just placed in front of the wall. If you don’t want to make things permanent, just buy a ready-made mantle and place it at the centre of your wall.

Flank artwork with sconces
For additional visual variety, flank your largest artwork pieces with sculptural sconces. Not only do they add more visual interest, they make your paintings stand out better by providing the perfect lighting ambience!

Statement wall sculpture
Again, why do you have to stop at only paintings? Jazz up an empty wall with a statement-making wall sculpture.

Hang a tapestry
If you have an antique rug or tapestry that is too treasured to be stepped on, move it from the floor to the wall! Hang up a large tapestry to add some worldly charm to your space.

Try plaster panelling
If artwork in general does not suit your fancy, you can try going down another architectural route. You can create artwork on your walls without adding or hanging a single frame. Add some plaster panelling in a custom design to really incorporate some visual interest in your walls.

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