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Ipoh Wall Art / Mural

Ipoh wall art mural
playing hide and seek

Inspired by the popular wall art in Penang by Lithuanian artist Ernest Zacharevic, Ipoh art teacher Eric Lai embarked on a similar project to bring life to the dirty back lanes of Ipoh.

Ipoh wall art mural
Playing hide and seek again. Note boy on far left of photo.

Ipoh wall art mural

Planned for six pieces of art on the back lane walls of shop houses between Jalan Sultan Iskandar (Hugh Low Street) and Jalan Masjid, just a short distance from Masjid Panglima Kinta (Panglima Kinta Mosque), Eric and his art students have now expanded their portfolio to eleven, at the recent count.

Ipoh wall art mural

Ipoh wall art mural

The initial six pieces were completed in February earlier this year, and more were subsequently added, during the school holidays. These artwork can be categorised into three types: culture & tradition, children’s games, and life in the old days.

Ipoh wall art mural
playing at a waterfall

Ipoh wall art mural
dulang washers

Although these wall art (some would call it mural) in Ipoh by Eric Lai isn’t new, I just receive too many enquiries asking where they are that I decided to stop by to grab some photos and the GPS coordinates. GPS: N 04 35.613′ E 101 4.923′

Ipoh wall art mural
Kuda Kepang dance

Ipoh wall art mural
traditional Indian dance

I pass by quite often but never found the chance, until I decided to go there specifically for this post. Enjoy!

Ipoh wall art mural

Ipoh wall art mural

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7 thoughts on “Ipoh Wall Art / Mural

  1. Great~ i have visit to this place~ i like the most “playing at a waterfall” wall art.

  2. Nice art. Recently I renovate my workshop. I wonder your team is interested to put some life into those blank walls.Thanks.

  3. I am glad I found your website before heading to Ipoh. I visited the Mural Art Lane (GPS: N 04 35.613′ E 101 4.923′) this week. We saw the row of multicoloured shop houses at Jalan Sultan Iskandar and entered the lane via Jalan Datuk Onn Jaafar.

    We were met by one of the residents who came out from the backlane to caution us against snatch thieves who frequent this lane. We were there in the afternoon and it was deserted, although the main streets were bustling with traffic. The resident advised us to visit in the morning instead where more people can be seen walking in the neighbourhood.

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