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Update on Park@Perak Mobile App & Standardised Parking Coupon for all Local Councils in Perak

With technological advancement, it is inevitable that it will play an increasingly important role in our daily lives.

As such, the Park@Perak smart parking mobile application has received wide acceptance among motorists both in and out of Perak state, registering approximately 41,000 active users since it was introduced on 1st January, 2019.

Park@Perak has also recorded more than 130,000 credit card transactions, bringing the total parking revenue to almost RM140,000 in just two months.

smart parking
smart parking

From user database, it can be deduced that Park@Perak is used by motorists from a cross-section of age groups, including those aged 60 and above.

This indicates that Park@Perak is welcomed by all parties, and not only those from Generation Y. The increasing number of registrations also proves that consumers are comfortable adopting this new smart parking technology.

Since its introduction, the developers of Park@Perak have received numerous feedback; two of the most requested features are to include both Bahasa Malaysia and English, making it a bilingual app, as well as the ability to print Park@Perak usage receipts.

These two features will be made available in early April, so users are required to update their Park@Perak mobile app then.

Future development of Park@Perak will include car parking compounds to be checked and paid through the mobile app.

Motorists who prefer physical parking coupons or are hesitant to adopt digital payment should be delighted to know that uniform parking rates has been implemented since 1st January, 2019, also to streamline the state’s parking management.

This standardisation will be fully enforced across all 15 Local Councils on 1st April, 2019.

The uniform rate is as follows:

RM4 – one day
RM0.60 – one hour
RM0.30 – half hour

Have you adopted Park@Perak? If yes, have you encountered any issue so far? If you are still using coupons, what’s holding you back?

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