A Visit To Seri Perdana, Putrajaya

Kompleks Seri Perdana
one of the entrances of Seri Perdana

Seri Perdana is the official residence of the Prime Minister of Malaysia. This complex consists of three blocks: Protocol, Banquet and Residence. This is where heads of states, heads of government, state dignitaries and VIP guests to Malaysia are welcomed.

Kompleks Seri Perdana

Kompleks Seri Perdana

As Seri Perdana “belongs to the people”, the Protocol and Banquet Blocks are open to public tours, according to a fixed schedule. Visitors, however, are not allowed to take photographs or video the interior of the buildings, for security reasons. During our recent tour, we had to wear disposable stockings over our shoes to keep the carpets clean.

Kompleks Seri Perdana
the vast courtyard looking out to Perdana Putra, the Malaysian Prime Minister's Office

Kompleks Seri Perdana
Protocol Block

I am a tad disappointed for being unable to share more photos with you. I am sure everyone would be quite “shocked” with the opulence of Seri Perdana. Built in 1997 on a 42.5 acres of hilly land, Seri Perdana carries a combination of Malay, Islamic and European architectural, landscape and design heritage.

Kompleks Seri Perdana
a group of visitors leaving the building

Kompleks Seri Perdana
perched on a hill top

The design of Seri Perdana has preserved the geographical structure and natural environment, in line with the planning concept of Putrajaya as a Garden City. A must-visit if you are in Putrajaya.

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