Visit To A Pineapple Plantation

Our visit to this pineapple plantation was an eye-opening experience. It never crossed my mind that planting pineapple can be a back-breaking task, as everything is done manually.

Kampung Kundang pineapple plantation
pineapple plantation in Kampung Kundang

The Kampung Kundang pineapple plantation in Batu Laut, Banting, Selangor is three hundred acres wide, and they are in the process of converting all the crops into a single pineapple species: MD2.

Kampung Kundang pineapple plantation
a worker places the pineapple suckers into the holes prepared earlier

In 2011, the plantation achieved a gross revenue of RM1 million but once the entire plantation has been fully converted to plant only MD2, the projected revenue by Year 2015 is RM7 million. The cooperative body that owns this plantation, Koperasi Serbaguna Anak-Anak Selangor Berhad, believes that the higher planting density of MD2 will yield better returns.

Kampung Kundang pineapple plantation
new pineapple crops

With one worker in charge of up to seven acres of land, pineapples are harvested only eighteen months after they are planted, including land preparation. There is a two-month gap between harvesting and replanting.

Kampung Kundang pineapple plantation
pineapple field

This pineapple plantation, which was first planted in 2005, will soon be turned into an Agro Park, a potential tourism product. Currently, this plantation is only open to group visits and student educational tours. Prior arrangement has to be made.

Kampung Kundang pineapple plantation
MD2 pineapples - RM10 for 15

For further information, or to request for a group visit to this pineapple plantation, contact:

Koperasi Serbaguna Anak-Anak Selangor Berhad
Add: Lot A-G-03, Plaza Kelana Jaya, Jalan SS7/13B, 47301 Petaling Jaya, Selangor Darul Ehsan.
Tel: 03-78730181
Fax: 03-78742181

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2 thoughts on “Visit To A Pineapple Plantation

  1. MD2 pineapple species is commonly known as crystal pineapple. It is from the Philippines and Ecuador.

    They are comparable to those from Nibong Tebal (Malaysia) and Thailand.

  2. Shud be another way around ie those pineapples from Nibong Tebal (Malaysia) is comparable to MD2. Reason : Our Nibong Tebal pineapples are not demanded globally…

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