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Merdeka Palace Hotel Suites Kuching Sarawak

From the outside, Merdeka Palace Hotel & Suites looks like a City Hall building in an old European city. Merdeka Palace Hotel wins hands down when it comes to location. I love the fact that it faces Padang Merdeka (Merdeka Field) and is just within walking distance from the popular Waterfront strip, Plaza Merdeka shopping mall, ... continue reading »

Top Spot Seafood Centre Kuching

Top Spot is possibly one of Kuching's best known food courts for fresh seafood, located in the heart of the Cat City. With a great number of hawkers who offer fresh seafood, it reminded me of Johor Bahru's Senibong. However, the owners here have the ingenious idea to place the food court atop a multi-level car ... continue reading »

Sarawak Cultural Village

As the largest state in Malaysia, it takes more than a couple of visits there to get to know the people. Therefore, to get a real taste of Borneo, it is highly recommended to check out Sarawak Cultural Village, where within the grounds of the Village, one gets a real feel of all the ethnics ... continue reading »

Bako heritage tourism Sarawak

Mention Bako in Kuching and most people would think of Bako National Park. Not surprisingly, as the national park is the oldest in Sarawak. It is also one of the smallest national parks in the state, yet one of the most interesting! Therefore, it is little wonder that the jetty terminal in Kampung Bako where boats ... continue reading »

Kampung Mongkos Bidayuh village Sarawak

One of the few authentic Bidayuh longhouses that is open to tourists is this one in Kampung Mongkos, District of Serian in Sarawak. Visitors to the longhouse have to participate in the "Mipis" ritual before entering the house. It is a ceremony to chase away unseen evil spirits. Ritual dancers curb the spirits from harming their ... continue reading »

Homestay Kampung Melayu Tebakang Serian

About sixty kilometres away from Kuching in the District of Serian is this quiet Malay village called Tebakang. However, under its homestay programme where 19 homes participate in, the village could be teeming with tourists, particularly during Summertime in the West when most people would take a lengthy break. You may wonder what occupies their time here. ... continue reading »

Kuching Festival 2015

Aug 25, 2015 Author: Emily | Filed under: Events, Goodie Foodie, Photos - Panasonic DMC-FZ150
Kuching Festival Sarawak

I arrived in Kuching in the midst of Kuching Festival. Although I didn't know about it prior to my trip, I was soon informed of it and my local friend, Audrey Chong, took me there to check it out one evening. Here, I would like to record my appreciation to Audrey for taking the trouble to ... continue reading »

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