Paragliding at Bukit Jugra was supposed to be the highlight of my recent Selangor trip. Unfortunately, after listening to Capt. Ikhwan Azilah’s safety briefing, and tips on take-off and landing, and subsequently waited for an hour, the wind conditions were still unfavourable and we had to abandon our plan.

Bukit Jugra paragliding

this is Bukit Jugra

The base of the Bukit Jugra lighthouse, which is 300 feet above sea level, is a popular paragliding spot for enthusiasts in and outside of the country, since 2002. Paragliding from Bukit Jugra, depending on the wind, one can glide up to 600 feet above sea level and stay up in the air for up to 20 to 30 minutes.

Bukit Jugra paragliding

Capt. Ikhwan with his model, Kak Sam, during the safety briefing

Persatuan Luncur Udara Malaysia (Malaysian Paragliding Association), which operates from Bukit Jugra, is one of the few associations registered with the Youth and Sports Ministry. Therefore, strict guidelines and safety measures are adhered to. According to regulations, the minimum age for solo gliding is 16 years old and the oldest paragliding student here was 70 years old.

Bukit Jugra paragliding

Capt. Ikhwan will face the opposite direction from his passenger prior to take-off

Usually, those who come to Bukit Jugra for paragliding will only be the passenger in tandem gliding. The cost is RM200 per pax. Groups of more than 20 pax will enjoy a 10% discount at RM180 per pax. A minimum 3-day booking period is encouraged.

Bukit Jugra paragliding

paragliding can only be done here if the flag is flying in the proper direction

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