Update: Perak I.T. Mall

For Perakeans who have been waiting for news on the upcoming Perak IT Mall, I have got the latest update for you! To be opened for business on October 10, 2015 at 10am, I have insider information that we can expect to pick up some great promotional deals in conjunction with its opening.

Perak IT Mall Ipoh
1. potential retailers at Perak IT Mall

Also, Perak IT Mall, the only mall in Perak dedicated to all things IT-related from computers to mobile devices, cameras, audio systems, CCTVs, gaming and even electrical appliances, will be a full retail mall that welcomes walk-in customers.

The 40,000 sq. ft. mall in Tasek, Ipoh, is located in a strategic area that would see an increase in traffic, particularly with the 2016 opening of AEON Klebang which is 2.5km away and MAPS, approximately 7km.

At this time of writing, tenancy of the mall is 90% filled.

Perak IT Mall Ipoh
2. potential retailers at Perak IT Mall

Perak IT Mall, high-ceilinged and smoke-free, features a total of 81 lots of various sizes. 25 of these lots include two cafés and a convenience store.

And then there are 32 lots in the mobile phone zone. 22 of these lots have already been taken up, including by two retailers from China dealing with mobile devices and another who will offer mobile accessories.

Perak IT Mall Ipoh
3. interior of the mall

Within this mobile zone are also major telecommunications agents and even concept stores of popular brands such as Samsung and Huawei.

Besides the above, there is a gaming zone with 8 lots and a lifestyle zone with 16 lots.

Perak IT Mall Ipoh
4. interior of the mall

The management welcomes retailers of related products to join them. Booths are limited, therefore, act fast if you are interested to expand your business.

I have been informed that since the rental here will be lower by 50% – 75% compared to those at shopping complexes, vendors at Perak IT Mall are able to offer better deals to consumers. Don’t we just love that?

Perak IT Mall Ipoh
5. interior of the mall

By the way, I have information that at least three times a year, the management of the mall will organise ‘fairs’; namely for gaming, information technology and mobile devices respectively.

Now that Perak IT Mall, which was formerly a food court, is almost a reality, the person in charge, Kevin Chang, hopes that this private enterprise will receive the support of the state government and Ipoh City Council.

Perak IT Mall Ipoh
6. interior of the mall

This mall, although a commercial project, is also established to benefit the community. With a dedicated mall, no longer do we need to travel to Kuala Lumpur to pick up the latest, newest devices.

Kevin said, “We are hoping that the authorities would show their support. Perhaps, the City Council could grant us a a waive on advertising fees for the first year, which was recently raised by 300%.”

Perak IT Mall Ipoh
7. part of the exterior of Perak IT Mall

For further information on Perak IT Mall, contact the following person(s):

Mr. Kevin Chang (in charge of the mall) – 012-5383111
Mr. Alex Lim (in charge of mobile zone) – 016-5402288

Perak IT Mall Ipoh
8. location map of Perak IT Mall in Ipoh

Perak IT Mall
Add: Tasek Square, Ipoh
GPS Coordinates: N 04° 39.608′ E101° 06.578′
Official Facebook Page: https://www.facebook.com/perakitmall

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  1. I wonder if this mall will be well accepted by the consumers as there’s already a well established and much more accessible “IT mall” in the town, ie Yik Foong Complex. Nonetheless, it’s always good for the consumers when there’s more options.

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