Sama Sama Perak 2018: Night Market @ TT5

For those of you who have yet to visit the iconic tin dredge, TT5, there’s a good reason to go.

As part of the Sama Sama Perak 2018 programme to celebrate Merdeka (31st Aug), Malaysia Day (16th Sept), and unity among Malaysians, a series of activities has been lined up, on the last Saturday of each month, beginning August until December 2018.


The night market begins from 5pm to midnight, while TT5 guided tours are from 9am until 10pm. You can indeed kill two birds with one stone if you plan your trip wisely.

If you intend to get involved somehow or to ply your trade during Night Market @ TT5, do contact directly the telephone number listed on the poster.

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5 thoughts on “Sama Sama Perak 2018: Night Market @ TT5

  1. Syoknya. Mesti best kalau dapat pergi night market. Ada makan2 dan boleh beli macam. Tapi syg la bukan kat KL kan.. Hmmm

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