Results: 21st Sultan Azlan Shah Cup 2012

Sultan Azlan Shah Cup 2012
Champions New Zealand

After 11 days of competition, the Champions for this year’s Sultan Azlan Shah cup were declared. We know that all six of the teams that accepted the invitation to play in Ipoh this year would proceed to the London Olympics next month, but which are the stronger teams?

Sultan Azlan Shah Cup 2012
runners-up Argentina

Sultan Azlan Shah Cup 2012
3rd place India

I have the finals results here in photos, and believe me, it is not easy to get all team members together for group photo shoots!

Sultan Azlan Shah Cup 2012
4th place Great Britain

Sultan Azlan Shah Cup 2012
5th place South Korea

Here is the points table – each team played six matches each.

1. New Zealand (12)
2. Argentina (12)
3. Great Britain (11)
4. India (9)
5. South Korea (8)
6. Malaysia (5)
7. Pakistan (3)

Sultan Azlan Shah Cup 2012
6th place Malaysia

Sultan Azlan Shah Cup 2012
7th place Pakistan

*All photos copyright Impiana Hotel Ipoh and used with permission.

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4 thoughts on “Results: 21st Sultan Azlan Shah Cup 2012

  1. i think argentina played so well. they showed skills which is totally lost for ages . NZ won but i believe everyone in that stadium knew who were the champions .

  2. Agreed with Argentina playing well but they conceded their opportunities. If they don’t score, they don’t win.

    NZ played well throughout the tournament but the main event is actually the Olympics, not this.

  3. I get what you mean. I was rather surprised by NZ’s performance in the London Olympics too.

    Well, Australia did not come to Ipoh this year, and NZ was seeded 3rd.

    I guess the luck of the draw played a part also.

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