Ramadan Bazaar @ Greentown Mall, Ipoh

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buka puasa
tomato rice - RM3.50 per packet

Ramadan is a food-hunting month for many of us. As for me, I go for the atmosphere, the sights and of course, the aroma of all kinds of Malay food! Today, I bring you shots that I took of the Ramadan bazaar adjacent to Greentown Mall.

busy kneading dough

bazar Ramadan
oops! Two pieces of charred chicken!

I’ve never been to this Ramadan bazaar before; previously, it’s a smallish affair in front of the shopping mall. Now that the vendors have moved to the vacant lot next door, at least we have more stalls, a wider variety of food and obviously, it is more comfortable to shop.

bazaar Ramadhan
BBQ chicken

cucur udang
gigantic cucur udang - only 50 sen each


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  1. OK, but you’re not supposed to remove the watermark on my photos and remember the byline format.

    Could you email me the link to the other two articles that you have published earlier?

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