Buffet Ramadhan Selera Anekarasa @ Impiana Hotel Ipoh

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Marcel Riemer, Executive Chef
Marcel Riemer, Executive Chef, Impiana Hotel Ipoh

Although I dine at Impiana Hotel Ipoh’s Coffee House on occasions, I have never tried their Ramadhan buffet before. I never found the chance to “buka puasa” (break fast) until last evening where I had the opportunity to try out their Buffet Ramadhan Selera Anekarasa, a special buffet spread served especially during the month of Ramadhan, beginning yesterday.

Ramadhan buffet
part of the Ramadhan buffet spread

buffet at Impiana Hotel Ipoh
mutton curry & fried bee hoon kampung-style

One of the highlights of Impiana Hotel Ipoh’s Ramadhan buffet has got to be its ulam-ulaman. I’m not an expert but one diner told me that it’s “complete”. Before I even tried the ulam, I went for the main dishes first. Let’s see what I can recall since I tried a little of everything. Well, almost everything, since I don’t take beef.

Ramadan buffet Impiana Hotel Ipoh
I like the colours of the prawns

mixed vegetables with bean puff
ayam panggang bermadu
Japanese beancurd with egg sauce (I LOVE this!)
braised beef Szechuan style
udang masak lemak
ikan bawal masak tempoyak
curry lamb with potato
kampung-style fried bee hoon
nasi minyak

Video (below): Chef Gurpreet hard at work


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