Ramadan Bazaar @ Greentown Mall, Ipoh

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People tell me that Ramadan food is all the same whichever bazaar I go to. And since I have already been to the Ramadan bazaar at Stadium Perak, Ipoh, there is no point going to the Ramadan bazaar at Greentown Mall or any other in Ipoh. The food may be the same, but each bazar Ramadan presents different photo shooting opportunities. Don’t you agree?

Ramadan bazaar
chicken rice - RM3.50 per packet

Ipoh Ramadan bazar
giant woks of fried rice and fried noodles

When I arrived at this Ramadan bazaar, it was close to 5.30pm. The bazaar was already teeming with shoppers and vendors were doing good business. They didn’t mind someone poking a camera in their faces. One even asked me if I was shooting photos to post on Facebook. 🙂

chicken kebabs
kebab ayam

bazar Ramadan Ipoh
a variety of hot & spicy food

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  1. OK, but you’re not supposed to remove the watermark on my photos and remember the byline format.

    Could you email me the link to the other two articles that you have published earlier?

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