Ramadan Bazaar @ Medan Gopeng, Ipoh

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Ramadan bazaar
smile, you’re on camera!

So I went to yet another pasar Ramadan this evening to get more shots. I have never been to this bazar Ramadan before but it’s just a matter of asking people who are kind enough to point me to the right direction. If you are coming from Jalan Raja Nazrin Shah (Gopeng Road), just turn right at the traffic lights facing McDonald’s into Jalan Lapangan Terbang. The bazaar is on your right. GPS Coordinates: N 04 34.342′ E 101 6.699′

nasi hujan panas
nasi hujan panas (rainbow rice) - RM3.50


Let me just say, this Ramadan bazaar in Medan Gopeng seemed like the largest among the three pasar that I visited, including the one at Stadium Perak and Greentown Mall. There are more food choices as well! The hawkers loved being on camera and they even directed me to shoot this and that. I love the atmosphere of Ramadan bazaars; everyone is very friendly.

popiah basah

putu mayam
putu mayam - 4 for RM1


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