Praying to the White Tiger Deity for Blessings & Protection

White Tiger Festival
1. White Tiger Festival

The awakening of the ferocious white tiger after its winter hibernation was on March 6 this spring. This day differs yearly, based on the Chinese almanac. Also known as the White Tiger Festival, or simply, “the day when the white tiger opens its mouth”, it is a day when Taoist devotees throng temples to make offerings to appease the white tiger to avoid bad luck.

White Tiger Festival
2. preparing uncooked eggs and lard for the White Tiger Deity

White Tiger Festival
3. devotees register their particulars and get ready items needed to pray to the White Tiger Deity

Armed with praying paraphernalia such as joss-sticks, candles and incense papers, food offerings are in the form of uncooked duck eggs, a large piece of lard, sesame seeds and mung beans.

White Tiger Festival
4. devotees queue up to appease the White Tiger Deity

White Tiger Festival
5. burning the mouths of evil-sayers

The egg is used to stuff into the mouth of the White Tiger Deity, while the lard is used to wipe its mouth. This is part of the ritual by Taoists to get rid of backstabbers, malicious gossipers, and evil doers. And by doing so, the White Tiger Deity blesses and protects these devotees.

White Tiger Festival
6. a temple volunteer chants to the White Tiger Deity. Note the red “noble people” effigies at the top and the white “evil doers” stuck to the bottom of the wall

White Tiger Festival
7. whacking the evil-doers with a shoe

Also as part of the ritual, devotees whack the white paper effigy with their shoe, as it symbolises the whacking of evil doers, and disposing of them.

White Tiger Festival
8. feeding the White Tiger Deity

White Tiger Festival
9. chopping the effigies of evil-doers

This white effigy is then stuck to the bottom of the wall, while the red effigy, which represents the Noble men or Good Samaritans, the paper in the shape of a Green Horse and two palms, are stuck to the upper section of the wall, the higher the better. This signifies that the Noble men will help the devotee to climb the ladder of success, after disposing of evil doers.

White Tiger Festival
10. chopping an effigy of the White Tiger

White Tiger Festival
11. removing all obstacles from devotee

These photos I am sharing were taken from Ipoh’s Paloh Khoo Miu yesterday morning, when the White Tiger Deity was said to have opened its mouth at 12.09am. Check out the ritual performed and observed by Taoist devotees, to seek the blessings and protection from the White Tiger Deity.

White Tiger Festival
12. place everything in the incinerator to be burned

White Tiger Festival
13. the scene at Paloh Khoo Miu, Ipoh, on White Tiger Festival

Event: Praying to the White Tiger Deity for Blessings & Protection
Venue: Paloh Khoo Miu, Ipoh
Date: 6th March, 2014
Time: 9am

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  1. It is compulsory for all Taoist devotees who are affected by celestial forces to pray to the White Tiger Deity to avoid misfortune, ill luck and mishaps.

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