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White Tiger Festival

The awakening of the ferocious white tiger after its winter hibernation was on March 6 this spring. This day differs yearly, based on the Chinese almanac. Also known as the White Tiger Festival, or simply, "the day when the white tiger opens its mouth", it is a day when Taoist devotees throng temples to ... continue reading »

Paloh Khoo Miu, Ipoh

May 25, 2012 Author: Emily | Filed under: Landmarks, Photos - Samsung ST600
Paloh Khoo Miu

This Paloh Khoo Miu, or informally known as 'Ipoh Chinese Tai Pak Koong Temple', is 140 years old this year. According to history, the resident God, Tai Pak Koong (God of Prosperity) was first brought to settle at this spot by the bank of Kinta River in 1872 from a temple in Hai Zhu Island, ... continue reading »

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