Perak IT Mall

Perak IT Mall
1. Perak IT Mall

Perak IT Mall was launched on 10th October, 2015. Too bad I was not in Ipoh on that day.

Perak IT Mall
2. Vivo mascot welcomes visitors to Perak IT Mall

As I have been following the development of the mall since the beginning, it is only appropriate that I go and check it out now that it has already opened for business, if only just to update myself.

Perak IT Mall
3. sales counters

Yes, I was there yesterday afternoon and was happy to see there were quite a number of quality shoppers despite it being Friday, a work day.

Perak IT Mall
4. sales counters

Perak IT Mall is the one and only mall in Perak dedicated to all things IT-related, from computers to mobile devices, cameras, audio systems, CCTVs, gaming and even electrical appliances.

Perak IT Mall
5. a shot of the spacious one-floor IT mall

The 40,000 sq. ft. mall in Tasek, Ipoh, is located in a strategic area just five minutes’ drive from the spanking new AEON Mall Ipoh Klebang.

Perak IT Mall
6. wide and comfortable aisle

High-ceilinged and smoke-free, it is very spacious and comfortable to shop at due to the wide aisles. The mall features a total of 81 lots of various sizes. 25 of these lots include two cafés and a convenience store.

Perak IT Mall
7. I found some really good deals here!

There are also 32 lots in the mobile phone zone. Within this mobile zone are major telecommunications agents and even concept stores of popular brands such as Samsung and Huawei.

Perak IT Mall
8. my favourite kind of cute accessories

Besides the above, there is a gaming zone with 8 lots and a lifestyle zone with 16 lots.

Perak IT Mall
9. one of the sales lots in the non-IT section of Perak IT Mall

It is a relief for us locals that we no longer have to travel to Kuala Lumpur to pick up the latest, newest devices, thanks to a dedicated mall like Perak IT Mall.

Perak IT Mall
10. IT Mall Kopitiam

The mall may seem quite bare in my photos. The reason is that the mall will only fully open on 11th November, 2015. At this time, many of the vendors are still waiting for renovation racks. When all these are in place, the mall will look a lot more presentable.

Perak IT Mall Ipoh
11. location map of Perak IT Mall in Ipoh

Anyone who is interested to rent a space at Perak IT Mall may contact the person in charge:

Mr. Kevin Chang (in charge of the mall) – 012-5383111
Mr. Alex Lim (in charge of mobile zone) – 016-5402288

Perak IT Mall
Add: Tasek Square, Ipoh
GPS Coordinates: N 04° 39.608′ E101° 06.578′
Business hours: 11am – 9pm
Official Facebook Page:

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