Munshi Abdullah’s House In Kg. Ketek, Melaka

Munshi Abdullah, born Abdullah bin Abdul Kadir, is known as “The Father of Modern Malay Literature”. Born in 1797 in Kampung Pali, Malacca, he was given the title “Munshi” when he was just a teenager. It means “Teacher of Language” in Arabic. One of this more well-known Malay literature is “Hikayat Abdullah” which in Malay means the “Story of Abdullah”.

Munshi Abdullah house Kampung Ketek Melaka
Munshi Abdullah’s house in Kampung Ketek, Melaka

Kampung Pali, which was later renamed Kampung Masjid, and is now known as Kampung Ketek (Ketek Village), is one of the oldest villages recorded since the Dutch era in Melaka. Located in the UNESCO World Heritage Zone of Malacca City, it is stashed in a corner of Jonker and Harmony Streets, opposite of Cheng Hoon Teng temple, and could be easily missed, even for locals.

The village is so small, it only has seven residential houses. Some of these houses are still occupied. The mausoleum of Acheh General, Syamsudin Al-Sumatarani, is also found in Kampung Ketek.

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