Medan Kidd / Perak Transit Buses & Routes

Today’s post is a reference point for anyone who is planning to take the public bus, either around Ipoh city or within Perak.

All buses start from the Medan Kidd Bus Station (except for Routes 22, 67, 68, 69, 70 & 99). Yes, it is still operating!

If you have enquiries, do leave a comment below.

Medan Kidd Perak Transit bus routes schedules
1. Medan Kidd bus terminal in Ipoh

List of Buses & Routes from Medan Kidd Bus Station:

Ipoh – Kampar (Route: 66)
Gopeng – Batu Gajah (Route: 67)
Gopeng – Lawan Kuda Baru & Kota Bharu (Route: 68)
Kampar – Malim Nawar (Route: 69)
Kampar – Sahom (Route: 70)
Ipoh – Cameron Highlands (Express)

Medan Kidd Perak Transit bus routes schedules
2. one of the city buses waiting for passengers to board

City Buses
New Pasir Putih (Route: 91)
Gunung Rapat (Route: 94)
Ipoh Garden (Route: 113)
Ampang (Route: 114)
Taman Meru (Route: 116)
Bercham / Bandar Baru Putra (Route: 117)

Buses to Other Towns in Perak
Ipoh – Kuala Kangsar (Route: 35)
Ipoh – Tanjung Tualang (Route: 37)
Ipoh – Parit – Bruas (Route: 39)
Ipoh – Sg. Durian (Route: 44)
Ipoh – Manjung (Route: 46)
Ipoh – Bemban – Tronoh – Kg. Bali (Route: 47)

Kuala Kangsar – Lenggong (Route: 99)
Lenggong – Gerik (Route: 22)

Medan Kidd Perak Transit bus routes schedules
3. routes for Ipoh city buses

Route: 66 (Ipoh – Kampar)
The Store, Jalan Kampar
Hospital Maternity (Perak Community Specialist Hospital)
Gunung Rapat
Taman Song Choon
Kg. Sengat
Chandan Desa
Simpang Pulai
Kg. Kepayang
Taman Sri Raya
Pejabat Kemas
Kopisan / Kg. Pulai
Kg. Lawan Kuda
Kg. Gunung Mesah Hulu
Kg. Mesah Hilir
Gunung Rapat
Gunung Panjang
Kuala Dipang
Batu 20
Batu Karang
Kampar Jaya
S.M. Kampar
Bandar Baru Kampar

Route: 67 (Gopeng – Batu Gajah)
Old Kopisan
Sandu Junction
Pengkalan Baru
Batu Tiga
Batu Gajah

Medan Kidd Perak Transit bus routes schedules
4. Perak Transit ticketing booth in Medan Kidd, Ipoh

Route: 68 (Gopeng – Lawan Kuda Baru – Kota Bahru)
Kopisan Baru
Lawan Kuda
Taman Kinta
Kolej Matrikulasi
Batu Kelima
Kota Bharu

Route: 69 (Kampar – Malim Nawar)
Bandar Baru Kampar
Batu Karang
Kuala Dipang
Malim Nawar

Route: 70 (Kampar – Sahom)
Batu Karang
Kuala Dipang
Sg. Siput (S)

Route: 91 (Pasir Puteh)
Medan Kidd Bus Station
Old Town
UTC Ipoh
Yik Foong Complex
Pekan Baru
Pasir Puteh junction
Police Station / Wet Market
Shatin Park / Taman SPPK / Telekom
Pasir Puteh Selatan
Station 18 / Tesco
Desa Aman
Desa Pakatan / Pinji Mewah

Medan Kidd Perak Transit bus routes schedules
5. one can also head to Teluk Anson from the Medan Kidd bus terminal

Route: 94 (Gunung Rapat / Medan Gopeng)
Medan Kidd Bus Station
Old Town
UTC Ipoh
Yik Foong Complex
Pekan Baru
Jalan Kampar / Perak Community Specialist Hospital
Medan Gopeng
Gunung Rapat
Ipoh Jaya
Taman Razaki

Route: 113 (Ipoh Garden)
Medan Kidd Bus Station
Old Town
UTC Ipoh
Yik Foong Complex
Pekan Baru
Ashby Flats
Stadium Complex
Fatimah Hospital / Ipoh Garden South
Kinta City
Ipoh Garden East
Taman Syabas
Taman Perdana

Route 114: (Ampang)
Medan Kidd Bus Station
Old Town
UTC Ipoh
General Hospital
Ashby Road
Politeknik Ungku Omar
Ampang View

Medan Kidd Perak Transit bus routes schedules
6. get a ticket here to Cameron Highlands, Taiping, Kampar or Kuala Kangsar

Route: 116 (Terminal Amanjaya)
Taman Meru / Taman Jati
Taman Silibin
Medan Kidd Bus Station
Yik Foong Complex
UTC Ipoh
Ipoh Parade
Greentown Mall
General Hospital

Route: 117 (Bandar Baru Putra / Bercham)
Medan Kidd Bus Station
Old Town
Pekan Baru
General Hospital
Fair Park / Kepayang
Stadium / Simee
Wah Keong Park / JPJ
Jalan Tasek / Taman Ria / Tesco Extra
Taman Mewah
KFC / Sri Kurau
Pakatan / Bercham
Taman Mujur / Taman Ramal
Bandar Baru Putra

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198 thoughts on “Medan Kidd / Perak Transit Buses & Routes

  1. Where should I board the 66 bus if I want to go to Medan Kidd from Ipoh garden east? I just shifted here from KL. tq

  2. Hi applepear,

    I am not certain. You can try the bus stop along the main Ipoh Garden East road just after the flyover.

    Or call Perak Transit Hotline to confirm: +60124500806

  3. With bus number I can get from stn kidd to
    Persiaran greenhill road?(I saw on the map it near G.hispital)
    Thanks you

  4. Hi Lee,

    As far as I am aware, Ipoh Omnibus serves the Tanjung Rambutan route which passes by Tambun.

    First bus leaves Medan Kidd at 6.45am. Last bus leaves Medan Kidd at 9.15pm.

    Last bus leaves Tanjung Rambutan at 8.10pm.

    Total three buses ply this route a day.

    Lost World of Tambun is before Tanjung Rambutan stop.

  5. Hi Emily,

    Is bus (route: 35) travel to Jalan Kuala Kangsar as well? If so, what is the time schedule for that bus?

  6. Hi Emily,

    Which bus no. that I can get from Ipoh railway station to D eastern hotel?

    Are there any bus from this hotel to Sam Poj Tong/Kellie Castle/Gua Tempurung Cave?

  7. Hi Emily,
    Do you have the time schedule for perak transit 113 ? I need to catch the first bus to medan kidd early tomorrow morning.ty

  8. Hai. I would like to ask, if I’m about to take bus from medan kidd to batu gajah which one I should take? Since the only bus available to batu gajah is the route 67 one. But it is from Gopeng to Batu Gajah. Does that means I have to take bus to Gopeng first then take another bus to Batu Gajah?

  9. Hi Emily,

    I’m KZ from KL.. I wanted to take bus from medan kidd station to Aeon Kinta City Mall. Is it i should take bus route 113 to ipoh garden south? I wonder how many minutes it takes to travel from medan kidd station to the mall?

    Thank you very much!


  10. Hi Gary,

    Not directly as you have to walk to the Medan Kidd bus station down the road. Even so, I can’t tell you of the bus schedule. Call Perak Transit Hotline for required information: +60124500806.

    In any case, there are many taxis available for hire at the entrance of the train station.

  11. Hi Emily, may i ask is there perak transit available from lost world of tambun to Medan Kidd on thaipusam?

  12. Hi Tang,

    Should be available but some roads are closed at certain times. Please call Perak Transit Hotline at +60124500806 to confirm. They only operate during office hours.

  13. Dear Emily

    Can I ask whether notes (versus coins) can be used on board the bus serving Route 66. Does the conductor (or is it driver only now) give back change, or must I get ready the exact amount? Thanks.

  14. My worse exprience ever waiting for the driver to take the bus more than 1 hour. Driver purposely, delay as he knows I was only passanger at that time. Worst ever transportation service.

  15. May i know the schedule(the timetable) of perak transit route 66 earliest bus from kampar to medan kidds and the lastest perak transit route 66 bus from medan kidds to kampar. Thank you

  16. Hi

    Are there any buses going to the airport? Seems like the only mode of public transport is still taxi?

  17. Hi Emily,

    I am new to kampar here and i need to head for general hospital(Hospital raja permaisuri bainun).Can you please help me on my questions?

    1. i know i have to take bus route66 to ipoh from kampar, but i am uncertain about the bus schedule (cant find it online)

    2. And if bus route 66stop at the bus station as you posted ? order to head frm kampar to general hospital, is it true that i need to take
    66>116/117 ?or i need to walk further down or taxi before take 116/117?

    thanks for your attention!

  18. Hi Shinny,

    Do understand that this is a general guide.

    For detailed information, call Perak Transit Hotline at +60124500806 during regular office hours.

  19. Hye..

    Is there anyone knows , either there’s any bus from Ipoh to Gua tempurung? My sister and I, are planning to go there , but we don’t have any transport.

  20. Hi, can i get information about fee, directions/maps/from to destination , time aboarding and stop, duration of the journey, and especially how to check directly the bus schedule, since i can’t find at the Perak Transit’s official website. pls reply me as soon as possible. tq

  21. Where to board bus from Batu Gajah and where does the bus stop in Ipoh, pls? Bus route no?

  22. Hi, I wanna ask is the bus service form ipoh to teluk intan still available at medan kidd?
    What is the most earliest depart time?
    If I reached teluk intan, can I take bus to sabak bernam?

  23. Emily i want to know how to use perak transit bus from bt gajah to falim pasar borong there.
    I never use public bus .
    Also how to pay ? Use coin or paper no
    Please help me…

  24. Hi Hafis,

    As I have replied to all the others before you, your best answer is with Perak Transit, so please give their hotline a call at: +60124500806

  25. the contact number 012-4500806 is not in service anymore. I found that there is another contact number for Perak Transit.

  26. Hi, Emily. How long does it take by bus from Ipoh to Cameron Highlands? Is it possible to do a day trip? Thanks very much.

  27. Hi Paksiri,

    The trip duration from Ipoh to Cameron Highlands by bus is about 2 hours one way.

    Yes, it is possible to do a day trip. However, if you depend on public transport, it is a challenge to move from attraction to attraction.

    This means that you won’t get to see/do much unless you have your own transport, or join a day-tour.

  28. hello, may I know what is the daily schedule for buses from ipoh to kampar? What is the price per ride? And also where is the drop off point in kampar?

  29. may i know is there any bus from gopeng directly to menglembu/falim? and what is the time provided?

  30. I don’t think there is, Katherine but you should call up Perak Transit to confirm: Perak Transit Hotline +60124500806.

  31. Hi Emily! I’m searching information to go from Perhentian Islands to Cameron Highlands. We would like to go on local bus as it’s possible, the only way would be go to ipoh and then to tanah rata? Where we could buy the bus tickets? Thanks

  32. Hi Emily, I intend to travel by bus from Medan Kidd to final destination Taiping (old town). Is there a direct bus or do I need to travel to Kamunting and switch to a local bus? Thank you very much.

  33. Hi Ephraim,

    I’ve not taken the bus to Taiping before but from what I know, the bus from Ipoh stops at the Kamunting Station. Kindly reconfirm with the Perak Transit office by calling them at +6012-4500806.

    Alternatively, you can take the ETS to Taiping.

  34. Hello Emily,

    Do you know if Perak Transit or any public transport service from Amanjaya Bus Terminal to Ipoh Airport?

    Thanks a million.

  35. Hi Emily, wanna ask that if I want to go to UTP from Amanjaya, is that I need to take Perak Transit to Medan Kidd Station first ? Then, which route should I use to get to UTP ? Thanks!

  36. Hi Emily, what bus should i ride from Taman Cempaka to go to Medan kidd? And which bus stop that i need to wait for the bus?

  37. Bus from Ipoh to Cameron Highlands: do I need to prebook a seat or just turn up on the day? Is there a website to book these bus tickets? Thanks in advance!!

  38. Thanks! The website states pickup is from Aman Jaya though (PerakTransit and Unititi Express)
    How to prebook tickets for buses that depart from Medan Kidd?

  39. Hi, may I know whether route 66 also provide the service that depart from kampar to Ipoh? If yes, may I have the time table of the route?

  40. hai Emily.
    is bus route num 35 will stop at terminal amanjaya. i am from sungai siput have to take bus from amanjaya. thank you in advance.

  41. boleh tolong cekkan saya tertinggal dompet warna coklat di bas kumpulan bas Perak sebentar tadi daripada kamunting. tolong sangat. ini no fon saya 01133611124

  42. May I know is the bus from greentown Mall to amanjaya is still operating ? And how frequent the bus is ? And when is the last bus? Thanks

  43. Hai emily.klu sy dr hosp tg rambutan,ini stesyen bas terdekat dr sana kn?kg or town mna yg sy ambil msa pjlnan dlm 2 jam untuk sapai ke sna?

  44. hi emily,
    how about route 99 and route 22? since already mention these two routes are not departs from medan kidd station. because i’m going to royal belum this coming thursday.

  45. How much does it normally cost to transit on Ipoh – Kuala Kangsar (Route: 35)? My first time taking public transit in Malaysia 🙂

  46. hi emily,

    i’m a university student and i’hve bought a student bus ticket at the counter today. However, there is a condition states that it is valid only for school students. My doubt is now can i use the ticket or not?

  47. What bus should I take if Im from Seri Iskandar and want to go to Aeon Station 18? Can u answer emily?

  48. Sye rumah manjung.saye nak pergi ipoh bercham. Boleh bagi tahukah saye manakah bus laluan manjung ipoh

  49. I’m sorry but are there any buses from Medan Kidd to Jetty Lumut? I don’t understand the route that have been given,

  50. Hi Emily,

    Do you know if there is express bus from Ipoh to Taiping? And where will they drop me off in Taiping, will it be at simpang or on Taiping bus terminal, TX.

  51. Hi Emily,
    Saya SADIKIN dari Medan North Sumatera Indonesia.
    Mohon informasi City Bus Number Route Choong Kee Big Tree Foot Yong Tau Fu
    Address: 1277 Jalan King, Taman Hoover, 31650 Ipoh.

  52. Nape bas no 91 xde sampai2…sy dah satu jam tunggu dr kul 7.30 hingga kul 8.3pg. Sy dah lmbt pegi kerja. Right now.why….? Everyday sy naik bas kul 7.55pg

  53. hi emily,
    what bus should i take if i want to travel from seri iskandar to medan kidd and what would be the schedules like (time). thanks emily.

  54. Hi , if i at terminal aman jaya ipoh, is it gt buses from terminal amanjaya to aeon station 18?

  55. Hi emily,

    I had read all the comments above. I think most of the readers are thinking that you’re working with the Perak Transit. So that they keep asking you about this and that, even though you’re already mentioned in most of the comments that you didn’t have the details information so that they need to call the Perak Transit. But I respect your patience in handling the situations (at least you still give them answer for their inquiries). Thank you for this general information too. At least it gives some idea to the travellers about public transport in Perak generally. 😉

  56. Hi, Emily.
    May i know the earliest bus from medan kidd to terminal amanjaya on 28th july? and how long it takes for each bus to go there usually?

  57. Why haa…already 8.08 am. Bus no 91, not come yet haa…late work already. The road also clear already. Very frust with your service.

  58. I take a train from KL to Perak, my destination is Beruas. However I don’t know which train station should I alight (Kampar or Ipoh) in order for me to take a bus to Beruas. Can you provide me the details (bus station name, bus number) ?
    I look forward to hear from your reply to plan ahead my journey. Thank You & Have a great weekend !

  59. Hi,
    May I know bus number to Teluk Intan from Medan Kidd ?
    Pls advise which bus stop/station should I alight when reach Teluk Intan ?
    Can I have the full address or name of the bus station/bus stop @ Teluk Intan ?
    Is there any local bus offer sight seeing around Ipoh or Perak area ?
    Where can I take the bus if there’s such facility transportation ?
    I look forward to receive your reply as plan to go on 5 Sep. Thank You !

  60. Saya telah kehilangan beg saya. Saya tertinggal beg saya dalam bas semalam. Saya menaiki bas ini pada pukul 5.30 Dari bus station kampar ke Medan kit. Tolong . I don’t know how to contact and get back my things all are important documents about my studies. Pls I’m a student. Pls help me

  61. Hi Emily,

    Can u help me which bus i should take to the Kek Lok Seah Crematorium in Bercham? Can u tell me where i can alight and which bus No? Thanks.

  62. Hi.kalau dari ipoh saya nak pergi ke kawasan perindustrian lahat rima..bas apa yang sepatutnya I kena ambil.

  63. Boleh I tanya Sri Manjung ada bus medan Kidd, macam mana naik ke?

    Kalau I ingin pergi Ipoh parade?

    Terima Kasih.

    Irene Tang

  64. Hi Emily,

    I’d like to visit Papan.
    Could you tell me which bus I have to take at the Medan Kidd bus station?

  65. Hi Emily,

    I’d like to visit Papan.
    Could you tell me which bus I have to take at the Medan Kidd bus station?

  66. Saya nak naik bas perak transit dari terminal amanjaya ke seri iskandar ada ke?boleh bg tau cara nak naik dan masa

  67. What buses do i need to take in order to reach sri manjung or lumut from medan kidd?? What is the last time for the bas to depart??

  68. Can I know when is the earlier schedule bus from Medan Kidd To Terminal Kampar? What time is the journey in the early morning

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