Terminal Amanjaya

Amanjaya Terminal
Terminal Amanjaya

My first visit to Terminal Amanjaya was about nine months ago. While some people had condemned this terminal as “yet another white elephant”, there’s no denying that it has its purpose, serving the community well in this area. Since its opening in October, 2012, until today, passengers here are given RM5 promotional voucher. For further information about this promotion, call 05-5267818.

Amanjaya Terminal
front entrance

Amanjaya Terminal
information counter

During my visit yesterday, the terminal, although modern, spacious and comfortable, was pretty quiet. I actually like the environment because it lacks the chaos and confusion of a busy express bus terminal but it is just too far away from my home. If the express bus terminal in Medan Gopeng is replaced with Terminal Amanjaya, I would strongly oppose. Hehe!

Amanjaya Terminal
spacious lobby

Amanjaya Terminal
ticketing counters

Facilities and services at Terminal Amanjaya include:

*Hotel Transit, Rest & Go – rooms go from RM50 / night, or RM10 / hour.
*bathroom rental at RM6 per entry
*luggage storage at RM3 / entry / day
*laptop rental at RM5 per hour

*foot reflexology at RM25 / 30 minutes
*body massage at RM50 / 60 minutes

Amanjaya Terminal
departure hall

Taxi fare (or car rental rate) from Terminal Amanjaya to areas within Ipoh (according to alphabetical order) day / night:
Ampang Baru – RM30 / RM35
Bercham – RM25 / RM30
Botani / Panorama – RM40 / RM45
Buntong – RM25 / RM30
Chemor – RM20 / RM25
Fair Park – RM25 / RM30
Gunung Rapat – RM30 / RM35
Ipoh Garden – RM25 / RM30
Jelapang – RM15 / RM20
Khantan – RM25 / RM30
Klebang – RM25 / RM30
Lahat / Song Choon – RM35 / RM40
Menglembu / Falim – RM30 / RM35
Pasir Pinji / Haven – RM35 / RM40
Pasir Puteh – RM35 / RM40
Pengkalan / Station 18 – RM40 / RM45
Pusat Bandar (city centre) – RM25 / RM30
Silibin / Manjoi – RM20 / RM25
Simpang Pulai – RM40 / RM45
Taman Cempaka – RM25 / RM30
Tambun – RM30 / RM35
Tanah Hitam – RM25 / RM30
Tanjung Rambutan – RM35 / RM40
Tasek – RM20 / RM25
Puncak Jelapang – RM25 / RM30
Bemban – RM55 / RM65
Felda Lasah – RM65 / RM75
Pakatan Jaya – RM30 / RM35
Salak – RM55 / RM65
Seputeh – RM50 / RM60
Sungai Siput – RM45 / RM50
Sri Kinta – RM35 / RM40

Amanjaya Terminal
plenty of seats available

Taxi fare (or car rental rate) from Terminal Amanjaya to other towns in Perak: day / night
Gopeng Bus Terminal – RM50 / RM60
Kampar Bus Terminal – RM80 / RM90
Tapah Bus Terminal – RM110 / RM130
Cameron Highlands – RM180 / RM210
Bidor – RM125 / RM145
Slim River – RM150 / RM180
Behrang – RM180 / RM210
Tanjung Malim – RM210 / RM240
Genting (Sky Park Awana) – RM300 / RM360
Butterworth – RM200 / RM250
Kuala Kangsar – RM60 / RM70
Padang Rengas – RM60 / RM70
Kati – RM70 / RM80
Taiping – RM100 / RM120
Kamunting – RM130 / RM150
Bukit Merah – RM140 / RM160
Parit Buntar – RM170 / RM200
Lenggong – RM110 / RM130
Lawin – RM155 / RM185
KLIA – RM350 / RM420

Gerik – RM190 / RM220
Pengkalan Hulu – RM255 / RM300
Tronoh – RM55 / RM65
Seri Iskandar – RM65 / RM75
Parit – RM65 / RM75
Titigantung – RM85 / RM95
Beruas – RM105 / RM130
Ayer Tawar – RM110 / RM135
Sitiawan – RM125 / RM150
Seri Manjung – RM135 / RM160
Lumut Jetty – RM140 / RM170
Pantai Remis – RM140 / RM170
Batu Gajah – RM45 / RM55
Tanjung Tualang – RM75 / RM85
Kampung Gajah – RM110 / RM130
Langkap – RM125 / RM150
Teluk Intan – RM150 / RM180
Hutan Melintang – RM180 / RM215
Bagan Datoh (Jetty) – RM220 / RM260
Georgetown – RM250 / RM300

ETA: Fares are correct as at 12th Feb, 2017. Night hours are from 9pm – 7pm. Additional luggage will be charged extra at RM5 per piece.

Amanjaya Terminal
express buses on standby

Update: Perak Transit shuttle buses to Medan Kidd bus station are available at 15-minute intervals from the arrival hall (1st floor). Fare is RM2.30 per adult passenger.

The first bus out from Medan Kidd to Terminal Amanjaya is 6am daily, with subsequent buses at 15-minute intervals.

This trip will take approximately 25 minutes.

Terminal Amanjaya
Add: Bandar Meru Raya, Jelapang, Ipoh
GPS Coordinates: N 04 40.226′ E 101 04.444′

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With love

122 thoughts on “Terminal Amanjaya

  1. Travelling from Kuala Lumpur to Ipoh by express bus is only RM17.50 but by taxi from this bus terminal to Taman Cempaka and its surrounding areas is RM20 – RM30.

    A frequent shuttle bus from this terminal to Ipoh city and surrounding areas will be most welcome as taking the taxi is expensive and is almost double the bus fare from Kuala Lumpur to Ipoh.

    It doesn’t make sense and not within the means of a bus passenger.

  2. I also totally agree with Frequent Bus Commuter To Ipoh – it is too expensive and far from the main Ipoh city (New town and Old town).

    Not everyone can afford to take a taxi at this expensive rate. They should introduce free shuttle bus or the economy city bus to other areas.

    If this new & costly express bus terminal is under-utilized, it will be another waste of taxpayers’ money.

    The government should have built such nice & modern building & facilities at the Medan Kidd and Medan Gopeng terminals.

  3. the station has a PerakTransit, city bus platform. so people can take the bus for only RM 2 to medan kidd station.

    I prefer taking buses from here than Medan Gopeng as it doesn’t take too long for the bus to get into the highway as it is closer to highway and less cars and traffic lights.

  4. Why send the poor bus passengers to Medan Kidd, where they then have to take another bus to their desired destinations?

    Stop the merry-go-round and bring us feeder buses that ply from all directions of Ipoh to Terminal Amanjaya.

    The welfare and convenience of poor bus passengers must be taken into consideration.

  5. I intend to drive to Amanjaya Bus Terminal and then take a bus to KL then fly to Singapore for a week.

    Is it safe to park my car in the car park for one week? Any other facilities that can allow me to park my car there for so long. Please advise.

  6. Hi, from medan kidd, what bus number should i ride to go to tanjung rambutan..?? Are there buses that will go to tanjung rambutan from medan kidd..this is my first time travel by Ipoh public bus.

  7. Hi Leanne,

    I am sorry I do not know the bus number, but there are buses from Medan Kidd to Tg. Rambutan, three buses by Ipoh Omnibus a day. First bus is at 6.45am, last bus at 9.15pm from Medan Kidd.

    The last bus to leave Tg. Rambutan is 8.10pm.

    Fare is about RM2 per person.

  8. Hi, how can i go to the terminal bus amanjaya from hentian sri iskandar?? should i go to medan kidd 1st or got shuttle bus at sri iskandar that go to the terminal bus amanjaya?? if i have to go to medan kidd 1st, then which bus should i use?

  9. Hi Emily, do you familiar with Medan Kidd station? Is there any bus to teluk intan from Medan Kidd ?

  10. Hi Joanne,

    I believe there are buses to Teluk Intan from Medan Kidd, although I do not know the schedule, fare or frequency of the buses.

  11. Hi Emily,

    I am looking for city bus from Ayer Tawar to Kampar or Ayer Tawar to Ipoh. Is there any bus company provide such service? If yes, appreciate you can provide me the info or website link. Thanks a lot.

  12. hi, how do i get to lost world of tambun from amanjaya using bus? will it stop infront of the hotel or the theme park? do u know the bus number?

  13. Hi tq,

    Take the shuttle bus from Terminal Amanjaya to Medan Kidd.

    From Medan Kidd, take Ipoh Omnibus to Tanjung Rambutan.

    First bus leaves Medan Kidd at 6.45am. Last bus leaves Medan Kidd at 9.15pm.

    Last bus leaves Tanjung Ramnbutan at 8.10pm.

    Total three buses ply this route a day.

    Lost World of Tambun is before Tanjung Rambutan stop.

  14. Hi emily~~ do you know how much is the taxi fare from Terminal Amanjaya to Ipoh Parade? Or is there any transportation besides taxi?

  15. Hi Aya,

    I’d suggest that you take the shuttle bus from Terminal Amanjaya to Medan Kidd first, and then take a taxi from Medan Kidd to Ipoh Parade.

    Fare for the shuttle bus is about RM2 only. Taxi from Medan Kidd to Ipoh Parade is about RM10 or less.

  16. Hi emily. Do you know how much is the taxi fare from gunung rapat to ipoh parade. Besides, is there any other transport besides taxi? Thank you

  17. Haziqah,

    Based on the taxi fare chart above, it should be about RM25 – RM30 (Pusat bandar).

    Alternatively, you can take a shuttle bus to Medan Kidd (go to first floor of Terminal Amanjaya) and from Medan Kidd, take a bus or taxi to Ipoh Parade.

  18. Hi emily!,

    Thank you so much for such helpful post!!
    However May I ask further question if you were able to answer?

    I plan to take bus from Medan Kid bus station to Amanjaraya terminal which you said its operated by Perak transit which cost about 2.3 RM and interval of 15 mins. Do you know where we can get the ticket or wait for the bus in Medan Kidd Bus station (because you only mention it at Amanjaraya).
    Another thing, you have mentioned about the taxi rates to other cities in Ipoh, if I were to go to Best Western Hotel which I understand that I should count it as a rate to Kg. Ulu Kinta? or Bercham( thought that this city is only a few walk to hotel). We are budget traveller so I want to get the lowest possible rate if you wonder. Also, is there a bus from Amanajaraya to Ulu Kinta or around that area? If there is, which number of bus should I take or is there a specific website that I could check out?

    Thank you so so so much and hope for the reply so soon.


  19. Hi Michael,

    Sorry for the late reply. I was travelling and internet connectivity was poor.

    I have this Ipoh Car Rental contact. Their mobile numbers are: +60125755975 and +601295790611.

    I don’t vouch for them and I have not met them before but you could give them a call.

  20. May,

    I am not sure of the information you are seeking. On one hand, you say you are a budget traveller, but on the other you are planning to go to Best Western Hotel? You can check out my post on Best Western Hotel here to see if it suits your budget.

  21. Emily,

    I’m only gonna go there for the event held in that hotel.

    Right now its okay I dont need to figure that out for now…

    but do you know when is the last bus for Perak transit from Terminal Amanjaya to Medan kidd?

    and when all the domestic bus from Medan Kidd are off/stop running? when is the last buses?

    Thanks lots!!

  22. Hi May,

    It’s a long walk from Best Western Premier The Haven Ipoh to the bus stop.

    It’s better for you to take a taxi.

    Take down this number:
    BK Taxi – 05-2534188

    As for the last bus, do call Perak Transit:
    05-526 7718

  23. May i know have any taxi from Tmn Medan Pusing to Terminal Amanjaya during early morning?

  24. Queenie,

    Not sure what time you arrive but taxi services are probably only available from 7am.

    Take down these numbers:
    BK Radio Taxi: +605-2534188
    Ah Bee (charter taxi): +6016-6777443

    Do be aware that if you need a taxi at odd hours, you need to prebook it.

  25. Hi Tan Pau Sun,

    Normally, tourists go to Genting Highlands via Kuala Lumpur.

    However, I have just visited Terminal Amanjaya and found that it is possible to go to Genting Highlands from Ipoh.

    The booth that sells the tickets is G12 Pacific Ekspress. Bus to Genting Highlands is at 10.30am daily. Fare is RM35 per person.

  26. Yes, Sheridazaid.

    Tickets are sold at Terminal Amanjaya’s Counter A1.

    The bus departs daily at 12.30am and arrives at Bandar Pusat Jenka at 8am. From there, take a town bus to Jerantut.

    Fare is RM33 (adult) from Terminal Amanjaya to Bandar Pusat Jenka.

  27. Firdaus,

    I am not sure. Try asking the information counter: 05-5267718 / 05-5267818.

    Perhaps you should try Medan Kidd as well.


    Bus 66 runs from Medan Kidd to Kampar

    (AM morning schedule)
    5.55 am

    and then its 3 services per hour at the following times:
    i) on-the-hour
    ii) at 20 mins past the hour and
    iii) at 40 mins past the hour

    up until

    (PM evening schedule)
    6.00 pm
    6.20 pm
    6.40 pm
    10.30 pm (last service)

    I took this timetable from a picture of this schedule at the counter office of Medan Kidd so I can’t vouch for its accuracy. lt was not easy getting information. I had to endure bad attitude and a waving off. Malaysia boleh! LOL

    The return journey from Kampar to Ipoh is similar, give or take 10 minutes either times of above listed above.

    Hope this helps

  29. Hi SoupScience!

    Thank you very much for sharing this schedule. It’s very kind of you. I’m sure readers will find it useful.

  30. Emily,

    Just to check is medan kidd bus station the one near KTM station at Jalan Panglima Bukit Gantang? just opposite of POS laju ipoh?

    Can i take bus from medan kidd to amanjaya? Is there any noon bus? as from your schedule only morning and evening bus. How much would it cost per trip?

  31. Hi David,

    Yes, the Medan Kidd Bus Station is just a short walk from the Ipoh Railway Station, near the roundabout.

    Yes, you can take the bus from Medan Kidd to Terminal Amanjaya. The buses run daily from 6am to night time, at 15-minute intervals.

    I am not sure where you referred to for morning/evening buses.

    Fare is RM2.30 per adult, or thereabout.

  32. Thanks for your info. I plan one day trip to ipoh this Friday (Hari Raya) and will go back at noon around 3pm, but not sure whether the bus operating hour will follow as usual or not (every 15-minute interval) during public holiday.

    Do you have the medan kidd office contact?

  33. Ok. Thanks. I will try to get more info regarding route, schedule and fare when reach medan kidd bus station

  34. Please contact directly:

    Sri Maju Sarata Ekspres Sdn. Bhd.
    Add: 2, 4 & 6, Jalan Bendahara, 31650 Ipoh, Perak, Malaysia.
    Tel: +605-253 5367 (Ipoh)
    Tel: +605-683 5562 (Lumut)

  35. Hi Emily,

    I want to know How can I go to Amanjaya Terminal from Le Metrotel (Ipoh city) at 1.30 am. Because I have to go to Malacca but I not yet buy the ticket or I should be to change 9.30 am. It’ll better??

  36. Hi Sirinda,

    It’s better to go to the bus terminal in the morning to catch your bus to Malacca.

    Otherwise, you have to pay a surcharge for taking the taxi after midnight.

  37. Thx u Emily for your advise. I think I’ll buy round-trip ticket KL-Ipo-KL and change the bus to Malacca. ^v^

  38. Hi Emily, just want to confirm if there is any express bus or coach from IPOH to Genting, and any phone number which I can call to book the ticket and check departure time. Plan to depart for Genting on 12 Nov 2015, Thursday.
    Thank you in advance for your help.

  39. Hi Angel,

    I have seen the ticket counter for bus to Genting but I have no information. Do call the terminal for the bus company’s contact number.

    Terminal Amanjaya Information Counter
    Tel: +605-5267718 / +605-5267818

  40. Simpang Pulai and Lahat are two different destinations. I believe there are two different buses for them. Call Perak Transit Hotline at +60124500806 during office hours.

  41. Anis,

    Call Terminal Amanjaya Information Counter
    Tel: +605-5267718 / +605-5267818


    You need to charter a taxi. See if you can make an advance booking: BK Radio Taxi at +605-2534188

  42. Hi Emily,

    I read all the messages where ppl are asking for information, directions & etc. to their destinations and am really impressed that you are able to answer them.
    I would also like to ask u since this will be my first time to Ipoh. What is the taxi fare from Terminal Amanjaya to Hotel Le Metrotel? Any other cheaper options & directions?

    Hope to hear from you soon.


  43. Hi Shirley,

    If you check my pricing above, it was RM20 to town (Pusat bandar), where Le Metrotel is located.

    Since it has been some time already, you should add another RM5 – RM10 per car.

    Fare will also depend on time such as peak and off-peak.

    If you are in Ipoh before 1st March, you can use Uber too.


  44. Hi Emily

    Tks for your prompt reply! We are only going to Ipoh
    on 1st April so unable to use the Uber service.


  45. Hi Emily,

    Come across your website when searching for detail on Ipoh which my family will be visiting for first time. We will use Yo Yo bus (6 of us – 4 adults + 2 kids) from KLIA to Terminal Amanjaya. If we were to stay at Ibis Styles Hotel in ipoh, what is the best way to reach the hotel? Do we have to call for taxi or there is taxi stand to wait for taxi? How much roughly the taxi fare will be to the hotel.

    Hope to hear from you soon and keep up the good work in maintaining your website active.

    Rgs, Karl

  46. Hi Karl,

    The best way to reach Ibis Styles is by taxi.

    For 6 pax plus luggage, you would probably require two taxis – as far as I know, all available taxis are saloon cars, rather than MPVs.

    Check the fare listed above for “Pusat Bandar”…. since then, fares have gone up by RM5 to RM10 per car.

    Fare will also depend on the time you arrive (peak/non-peak hours).

    You can order your taxi at the terminal, although I am not sure if there is a dedicated counter. You can enquire at the “information counter” at the entrance of the building.

    Hope this information helps.

  47. Hi Emily,

    Thank for the info, highly appreciate your input. Is there a number(s) I can call to order taxi.

    Rgds, Karl

  48. Hi Karl,

    As mentioned earlier, there is no need to order a taxi. However, it would be good to keep this contact handy.

    BK Radio Taxi: 05-2534188
    Operating hours: 7.30am to 11.30pm daily

  49. I live in Ulu Kinta / Tambun, an area where you don´t spot the famous 50plus years old “Omnibus” too often. They have no number and go from Tj. Rambutan to Ipoh Parade and also pass Medan Kidd. Roughly one every hour.

    But there is something even more strange to spot on Jalan Tambun. But very rarely. It is a bus from Tj. Rambutan to Amanjaya! I promise it exists, maybe only a few times a day (or week, who knows). Also from the “Omnibus” company and also 50plus years old.

  50. Hi! I am wondering do you know how to get to PTTC from Amanjaya Terminal. Are there buses available to get to PTTC? Thanks

  51. Hi Jess,

    Your best bet would be the taxi. Or perhaps Uber. Use my code EMILY2U to enjoy your first ride worth RM20 for free.

  52. Hi Emily,

    just want to know it is safe to park (leave) car at the aman jaya basement parking for about a week? and how about the parking rate?

    appreciate your feedback.


  53. Hi Emily, I’m going to lost world next week, May I know any way to get to lost world rambun by public transport ? Much appreciate

  54. Hi Wilson,

    As far as I am aware, Ipoh Omnibus serves the Tanjung Rambutan route which passes by Tambun.

    First bus leaves Medan Kidd at 6.45am. Last bus leaves Medan Kidd at 9.15pm.

    Last bus leaves Tanjung Ramnbutan at 8.10pm.

    Total three buses ply this route a day.

    Lost World of Tambun is before Tanjung Rambutan stop.

    For your information, Medan Kidd is another bus terminal and not the same as Terminal Amanjaya. You have to take the shuttle bus from Terminal Amanjaya to Medan Kidd.

    For further reading: http://www.emily2u.com/medan-kidd-perak-transit-buses-routes/

    In my opinion, your best bet would be to take a taxi.

  55. Hi Novi,

    GrabCar is not in Ipoh yet but Uber is available.

    Key in EMILY2U in your Uber app to enjoy a free Uber ride worth RM20. SIGN UP HERE! This offer is only available to first time riders.

  56. Hi Emily ,
    I plan to go to Taiping during hari raya , but my ETS ticket will only reach Ipoh , may I know the cheaper way for me to get to Terminal Amanjaya so that I can take the blue omnibus to Ipoh . How far is the ktm station to Terminal Amanjaya ? And if the only way is taking taxi , how much does it cost ? Also wish to ask about the schedule of the bus to taiping , because this is my first time going to taiping . Hope for ur reply . Thank you so much 🙂

  57. Hi Tan,

    The best way is of course to take the train to Taiping.

    For your situation, from KTM Ipoh, walk to Medan Kidd.

    Directions: Come out from KTM station and head to Pos Malaysia. Turn right and walk to the end of the road to arrive at Medan Kidd.

    There are express buses to Taiping from there as you can see from this post:


    As for the schedule and fare, call Perak Transit Hotline at 012-4500556.

  58. Hi Emily,
    I just wanna know if there is any bus from medan kidd to Jalan Greentown, Ipoh since im going to Unikl rcmp in Jalan Greentown. Perhaps if there isnt any bus, what is the estimated fare from medan kidd to jalan greentown via taxi? Thankyou so muchh

  59. Hi Amy,

    Please refer to this post:

    I figured that you could take these buses to go to UniKL RCMP.

    The key stops would be Ashby Road or Greentown Mall. It is the a short walk to campus.

    Route: 113 (Ipoh Garden)
    Ashby Flats

    Route 114: (Ampang)
    Ashby Road

    Route: 116 (Terminal Amanjaya)
    Greentown Mall

    For further information, call the Perak Transit Hotline at 012-4500556.

  60. Hi Emily

    do you have contact for car rental in Ipoh? I’ll be arriving at amanjaya in the early morning, would like to pick up a ride there and return it eventually at the same place when I left. Thanks.

  61. Hi Emily

    Thanks for the info. on that website, one of the pick location is: “Bus terminal (Meru)”, is that Terminal Amanjaya?

  62. Hello, if i wanna go to Unikl Mimet Lumut from Terminal Amanjaya, which bus can take me there and at what time? what about Perak Transit?

  63. Hi Emily,

    I would like to book a taxi from Terminal Amanjaya to Tanjong Rambutan. Do you have any contacts for taxi service? Thanks.

  64. Hi JustAGuest,

    There are plenty of taxis at the terminal. However, if you arrive after regular hours, you can try to charter this taxi: Ah Bee at +6016-6777443.

    Disclaimer: I have never taken his taxi before.

  65. hai emily ,
    did the bus stop at kuala kangsar from the sabak bernam . what bus do you prefer that i can ride to take me home at kuala kangsar

  66. hey there, m a new poly student this sems, can someone teach me way from amanjaya to poly ungku omar, (PUBLIC TRANSPORT)? tqvm

  67. Hi Emily

    Can I check with you is there any bus from amanjaya to Sungai Siput ? if have what is the timing, thanks a lot.

  68. LJ,

    I am not sure about Sungai Siput. Perhaps you need to go to Medan Kidd for Perak Transit’s Route: 70 (Kampar – Sahom).

    There are shuttle buses from Terminal Amanjaya to Medan Kidd.

  69. I intend to drive to Amanjaya Bus Terminal and then take a bus to KL then fly to Singapore for few day. Is it safe to park my car in the car park for few day? Any other facilities that can allow me to park my car there for so long. Please advise.

  70. A very good morning to you, dear Emily.

    Greetings from Hong Kong! Hope you had a nice weekend, wish you a great week ahead, and Happy Monday.

    I’m planning a trip to Malaysia this coming month with my mother, comprising a two-night stay in Ipoh before we spend another four in KL.

    As I’m googling about Ipoh’s commute to and from KL, accommodation, culinary not-to-misses and historic must-sees, being part of my trip-planning research, your blog is so high up among the search results that I felt compelled to at least get in and take a quick glance. It turns out that I’m still ploughing through your database – the term “blog” understated your writing’s value, utility and influence – and I’m even reaching out to you directly now!

    My heartfelt congratulations on your most recent receipt of recognition of, and commendation on, your contribution to not just your hometown, but your homeland, as well as the promotion of cultural exchange by helping visitors navigate the city and appreciate its heritage and custom. What most impressed me is the breadth and depth of your database’s coverage, and more important, frankness and down-to-earth style as a humble and practical reflection of local, everyday life, which in turn reinforced its credibility and relevance.

    Enough said – all straight from the gut though, I’ll now start bombarding you with some thoughts and questions of mine upon consultation of your database that I’ll be thankful for your advice on:

    1. KL-Ipoh commute
    1.1 Mode of transportation
    I’ll probably take the shuttle from KLIA to Ipoh direct so as to defer vehicle-switching till after reaching Ipoh and as the KLIA Ekspres/Transit-KTM combination seems much costlier?

    1.2 Bus operator
    Apart from Yoyo and Star Shuttle that you mentioned, I saw Starmart Express whose fare is the lowest among all three – is it equally safe and reputable per your understanding?

    1.3 Ticketing agent
    I have so far come across easybook, redbus, busonlineticket, catchthatbus and myexpressbus, apart from the bus operators’ own website. (Starmart doesn’t seem to maintain its own) – which ones of them are credible and secure to place advanced booking as early as now?

    2. Ipoh accommodation and intra-city commute
    2.1 Choice of hotel
    I’ll go for Cititel due to its proximity to major attractions and overall accessibility on foot to the old town area. Or should French Hotel be the better option as its comments are largely that it’s very close to the famous eateries around the old town area?

    2.2 Amanjaya-downtown commute
    If you agree Cititel is a suitable pick, is it right that we take 116 Perak bus from Amanjaya and get off at the Medan Kidd station? Or would Kompleks Yik Foong be the closer one?

    3. Ipoh-KL commute
    3.1 Mode of transportation
    Assuming we stay at Cititel, due to its closeness to the rail station and relative fare (train vs. shuttle), I’m planning to ride on ETS to KL Sentral and then transit to the hotel in the capital city?

    3.2 Ticketing
    Assuming ETS makes sense to you, I can place an advanced booking for the train tickets ahead of time at the KTMB online ticketing site?

    Sorry for the long-winding passage above and multiple-pronged questions, and thank you in advance, Emily, for your generous time and helpful remarks and instructions.

    Best regards,

  71. Dear Derek,

    Thank you for your well wishes.

    First of all, before replying to your multiple questions, I would like to advise you, as a traveller, to opt for something that is the most convenient, rather than the cheapest. Thus, my reply to you is not based on price but rather what I would personally take.

    1. Bus shuttle is the best option. As for operator, I have only taken Yoyo and Star Shuttle but not Star Mart. Which service I opted for depended on the time I had to reach my destination. Of course, you have to allow for time to collect your luggage, washroom break, refreshment, etc. I cannot comment on the safety aspect of any company because I believe that they strive to provide to the best of their ability, but as you know, accidents do happen.

    When it comes to buying tickets, I would buy directly from the company. However, I would like to state that I have not used their online ticketing service before and have only purchased my tickets at the counter.


    2. Between Citidel and French Hotel, I would choose Citidel for its proximity to Ipoh Old Town and its attractions. Do also research on Le Metrotel Hotel. It is strategically located between Ipoh Old Town and New Town. Obviously, there are other accommodations as well but these three are approximately of the same class.


    As for commute from Terminal Amanjaya, take the shuttle bus to Medan Kidd, then a taxi to your hotel. We do have ride hailing apps such as Uber, Grab and EZCab. Sometimes they give out discount codes. If you have not used these apps before, I have a promotional code for Uber which gives you RM3 off your first ride. If you need it, drop me a note.

    3. Ipoh-KL commute
    From Ipoh to KL, take the ETS. This is the official train website where you can buy your tickets. This is also where you can check schedule and fares.

    Have your ticket(s) printed out at the hotel or at the train station before boarding your train. Allow for time to queue up at the counter.

    OR save your ticket(s) to your phone in PDF format. Only PDF is accepted.

    Hope I have answered your questions fully. Feel free to ask if you need more information.


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