Malaysia Airlines – MITM Travel Fair 2010 @ MidValley Megamall

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What surprised me even further was that there were people actually BUYING cheap tour packages on the first day itself. Don’t these people have to plan their vacations in advance? I couldn’t make impromptu travel plans like that and I thought that I have one of the most flexible schedules around.

cheap Korea vacation deals
Visit Korea 2010 - 2012

With tens of travel and tour companies converged in one place, you can imagine the variety of tours available for the avid traveller, from local tours to more exotic destinations. Korean tours are very affordable, if I may say so. Or maybe I was just paying special attention to cheap Korean tours since I am a great fan of Korean dramas and would one day like to visit the places that I have seen in soppy K-dramas.

Korea discounted holidays
affordable Korean vacation packages

Registration to the Saranghaeyo Korea Club (English: I Love Korea Club) was open for Korean Wave fans and Korean culture lovers. There were a few people in the queue so I didn’t wait around. Too bad the website URL was not printed on the banners.

cheap tour packages
too many cheap travel packages to choose from

Looking at the many flyers and advertisements of cheap travel packages pasted on every available space on the wall reminds me of the business of Ah Longs (loan sharks). I joked with my friend that if we sold off the flyers that we had collected to the “paper lama guy” (old newspaper collector), we could very well get back MYR3 that we had paid to enter the venue.

tour and travel sales
travel sales

Although I didn’t buy any cheap vacation package, going to my first travel fair was indeed eye-opening and I now have a rough idea of the cost of international travel. I just need to save more money. 🙂

Japanese costumes for men and women
all dressed up in Japanese costumes

By the way, if you missed this travel fair and would still like to bag a cheap holiday or check out the increasingly popular all-inclusive vacations, look out for MATTA Fair which will be held from 3rd to 5th September. The Matta Perak Travel Fair 2010 (MPTF 2010) will be held at Dewan Leong Wan Chin at SMJK Perempuan, Ipoh in Jalan Kampar, Ipoh.

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