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2019 Perak MATTA Fair: Outstanding Travel Packages on Offer

The 3-day MATTA Fair is underway and I eagerly went to check travel packages that are available this time ’round. Don’t get me wrong, I was not looking for cheap tours, because those can be easily done by myself, without going through travel agencies.

Perak MATTA Fair at Ipoh Convention Centre
Perak MATTA Fair at Ipoh Convention Centre

Rather, I was after outstanding packages; off the beaten track, so to speak. After two hours checking the booths, I have uncovered these special tours that even travel-savvy Ipohites would want to sign up for! Here it goes, in random order:

Golden First Travel
Golden First Travel

Siberia Blue Romance (Lake Baikal)
Want to see blue ice, ice bubbles or ice glass? Keen to go on a picnic on icy ground? Then this winter tour package might just be what you are looking for. Lake Baikal, in the mountainous Russian region of Siberia, is the oldest, deepest and clearest lake in the world. It is known as Siberian Blue Eyes. Highlights of the 6-day tour include Nature Wonder Blue Ice, Military Jeep or Hovercraft on frozen lake, as well as traditional wooden house in Olkhon Island. This is a winter wonderland for photography enthusiasts and ideal for drone aerial group photographs.
Tour is offered by IO Travel.

English Premier Tour
The ultimate travel package for the English Premier League football fan. On the itinerary are cities such as Newcastle, York, Manchester, Liverpool, Oxford and London. Love football? Support a club? Then this is what you should go on, with like-minded die-hard football fans.
Tour is offered by Deluxe Tours.

 Golden Century Tour & Travel
Golden Century Tour & Travel

The Mysteries of Tibet
Since returning from Nepal, where I stayed at a village that borders Tibet, I have been fascinated by this Land of Untouched Mysteries. This 8-day package that transits Guangzhou features a 22-hour train ride from Qingzang to Xining on the Tibet railway. Besides this, some of the Tibetan cities that you will get to explore are Linzhi, Lhasa, and of course, Xining.
Tour is offered by Golden Century Tour & Travel.

Keris Travel & Tour
Keris Travel & Tour

When it comes to F&B, at each travel fair, I always look forward to the Set Lunch / Dinner discount vouchers offered by Hotel Excelsior Ipoh. Over this weekend, the hotel is selling these vouchers at RM15 nett each. Set meals come with complimentary Soup, Salad and Dessert. There are 21 main courses on the menu to select from, available daily.
Drop by Hotel Excelsior Ipoh booth to buy these vouchers during Perak MATTA Fair. Discount vouchers are valid until December 2019.

Event: Perak MATTA Fair
Venue: Ipoh Convention Centre (ICC), Ipoh
Date: 6th – 8th Sept, 2019
Time: 10am – 9pm

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