Little Devil

Yesterday, I wrote that I will be publishing a separate post on the Little Devil. Little Devil, if you have read my previous post, is actually a personalized car with lots of devil soft toys all over the car.

The exterior of the car, as you can see, is white with large stickers of the “devil”. Inside, in line with the theme, you can see that it’s all red and black with more decorative devil soft toys. The only thing that’s out of line and doesn’t spell “devil” is the number plate. It should have been 666.

I am sorry that most of my photos did not turn out good and surely they do not give the real deal justification. Red, as you know, is a hard colour to shoot, let alone shooting it with only an iPhone.

I simply love the way this car had been personalized. They even had a large stuffed trident placed in the bonnet. Inside, you will find devils in all shapes and sizes too. Just check out the steering. I wonder how the driver could concentrate driving this extremely cute car, but I have to say that I have never seen it on the road before.

I have no idea how much it is to personalize a car like this but I think the reason that this car was on display at the preview show of Racing Drift Auto Show Ipoh 08 at Ipoh Parade currently is because they are having a Christmas or New Year promotion. I bet it wouldn’t be cheap though.

I’ve been thinking though, no matter how cute this car is right now, can one spend a few thousand Ringgit, maybe more, and drive this day in and day out? Most people would get bored with it in a year or two and then it’s time for a new theme ….. and a few thousand Ringgit more.

With love

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