Kukup, Pontian, 82300 Johor, Malaysia

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To be frank, as a “free and easy” traveller, I would have hopped on the ferry (we arrived just in time for the last boat that evening) and sailed to Indonesia but my friend reminded me that with all the gadgets we had on us, it would be a hassle going through Customs and tax may be imposed even though they are obviously used items and not newly bought from Indonesia. So there went the chance of visiting Indonesia, albeit just Tanjung Balai, which probably looks just like Kukup, except for the skin colour of locals. For your information, a trip out to Tanjung Balai, a 45-minute trip, if not mistaken, is about MYR90+ per adult per trip. Worth considering.

Kukup Chinese temple
where there are Chinese, there are huge Chinese temples

Chinese temple in Kukup
Chinese temple in Air Masin fishing village

I had such a enjoyable time here in Kukup and in the one hour that we were there, took so many more photos than the entire three days that we were in Singapore! We went to Air Masin fishing village (Kampung Nelayan Air Masin) on foot walking from one end to the other end of the village.

puppy  in Kukup
.... and there are dogs

bag porters in Air Masin village
bag porters where no luggage is too heavy

Although I would like to spend more time in Kukup, I definitely am not brave enough to put up at one of the many wooden home-style resorts on rickety stilts, termed “floating chalets” here. Well, I have second thoughts even if the building was concrete, like the many that have undergone massive renovation.

wooden houses on stilts
typical wooden houses on stilts in Kampung Nelayan Air Masin

modern house in Kukup
slightly modern house in Kukup's Air Masin Village

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With love

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4 thoughts on “Kukup, Pontian, 82300 Johor, Malaysia

  1. Dear Emily,

    Are you still in the “tourism” industry business;
    I like to be in Kukup / Tg Balai over the next few months.
    Pls let me know.

    Thank you and,

    A Very Happy and Prosperous Chinese New Year !

    Best Regards.

  2. I am thinking to let my 10yrs old son to join school trip to Kukup. Their school arrange them to stay 1 night in the chalet . I’m just worry whether the place is dangerous for kids (I mean the ‘water/sea).

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